6 ways to stay healthy when traveling

Let’s be real, it’s not always easy staying on track with health and wellness when you’re traveling. Since I’ve been doing a lot of flying this year (and leaving again next week), I figured I would share the 6 top things I have found to be super helpful when I’m on the go.

1. Using apps

The first thing I do when traveling is look up healthy food places near where I’m staying. My two favorite ways to do this is by using two apps: “Happy Cow” and the good ole built in “Maps” on your smart phone.

Happy Cow is a healthier food focused app that helps you locate all vegan, vegetarian and gluten free places near your location. If you’re an iPhone user, it does require a $3.99 one time download fee BUT [*Pro tip*], if you’re traveling with an android user there’s a free version they can access.

If you aren’t with a droid buddy and don’t want to spend the money, the Maps feature on your phone is also great. To locate places close to you, type in your desired food type followed by nearby (ie. “vegan nearby” or “smoothies nearby”). Works like a charm.

2. Bringing your supplements

These days I don’t go anywhere without my supplements. I find that my body feels better when taking my vitamins/minerals and traveling is no exception. If anything, I find that I need them even more! My personal regiment includes daily Magnesium from a brand called Solgar and a Multi Vitamin by Garden Of Life. After trying several different brands, I found that my body absorbs these best thus far. Supplements are a very personal thing however and it’s best to figure out what works for you. Blood work/ Deficiency tests are a great way to figure out what your body is lacking.

3. Getting in your greens

One thing that everyone can benefit from is greens! Leafy greens such as kale and spinach are high in iron, fiber and even protein. When traveling, your body is exposed to a variety of different environmental stressors which can affect people differently. One way to keep your energy high and properly fueled is to incorporate greens into your travel diet. If salads aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a green smoothie to get them in!

4. Taking shots – wellness ones that is!

Another great way to keep your immunity system high when you’re on the go is with wellness shots. These can typically be found in juice or smoothie spots or even local health food stores. Wellness shots can come in a variety of flavors that target different areas/needs of the body. Some of my favorites to take are ones that include ginger, cayenne, turmeric or beets.

5. Staying active

If you’re like me, there’s definitely going to be a cheat meal or treat I indulge in when traveling. I’m not one to deny myself of things I want but I am however, big on countering these decisions with healthy choices. If a gym isn’t possible where you’re at then opt to walk it out when you can! Instead of taking an Uber or Lyft to your hotel walk there or if it’s way too far walk a few blocks then call for a ride. Your body will thank you and so will your wallet for saving some extra cash.

6. Drinking water

This one seems pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at how many of us are actually dehydrated! Making sure you drink plenty of water is essential to keeping your mind and body sharp during travels. A great way to do this is by bringing a personal reusable water bottle with you and filling it at restaurants or businesses before you leave. It’s a low cost/low waste way to make sure you’re keeping up with your water intake on the go.

There you have it! 6 easy ways to stay on track when you’re away from home. I hope you find these tips helpful and would love to know what you do on your travels to stay healthy!

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