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Chooselove Business Mindset Calls are for the new CEO that needs a little guidance. As someone who has started from zero, I know what it can feel like to be overwhelmed with where to start or how to gain traction. My calls help bring clarity to your brand by fine tuning your mission, brand personality and strategies for success.

Chooselove Business Consultations are one-hour calls that include intensive audits of your website, social media, and overall business. Together we develop sound copy and formatting to capture the essence and mission of your brand. Your consultation call will provide you with immediate actionable feedback to generate maximum results and profit.

After identifying and improving the focal points of your business, it’s time for strategy. Chooselove Consultation Calls cover step by step strategies to effectively reach your brand’s personal goals. From social media connections to brand personality to partnerships – You’re guaranteed to leave your call with a game plan.

Understanding the type of content your brand needs is an essential component of success. Chooselove Consultation Calls will help you gain clarity with who your target audience/demographic is and how to captivate them. Walk away with simple ideas on how to produce and present professional content.

While I do always encourage my clients to take notes, Chooselove Consultation Calls also include a follow-up email outlining the key points from the call. Think of it as your blueprint of where to get started after we speak.