“our mission is to help others thrive in wellness, mindset and a life explored.”
Chantel Rodriguez is a Latina travel content creator, wellness entrepreneur and creative consultant. She, her husband Augusto and son Enso travel full-time sharing hidden travel gems, practical wellness tips and content/consulting for various partners. For Chantel and her family, “our mission is to help others thrive in wellness, mindset and a life explored.”


Chantel’s journey into wellness started with the pregnancy of her son and has since progressed into a rooted passion. Though she is proud of how far her family has come over the years, she also acknowledges it didn’t happen overnight. Her family’s approach to wellness is one of non-judgment and empathy with a goal to help others feel empowered to make healthy changes – not feel ashamed if they haven’t yet.

For them, the word wellness embodies more than healthy food choices and lifestyle. They believe wellness is also a state of mind. Mindset and conscious living play a major role in their success and lifestyle.


For Chantel and her family, helping others explore new places is among the greatest joys. Before the birth of Enso, travel was a big part of her and her husband’s life and they committed to making sure it would be a part of their son’s life too. Early on, they decided to pursue homeschooling for a flexible lifestyle that would allow for just that. Today, Chantel and her family are full-time travelers / contributing writers highlighting family friendly itineraries for Florida tourism boards and beyond.

video & media production

In addition to Chantel’s UGC social media content, She and her husband also offer high quality video and photo production for larger scale projects. Learn more about their Choose Love Production company below!