Hi and welcome! I’m Chantel Rodriguez, a wellness content creator, artist and social influencer residing in Orlando, Florida. I specialize in a variety of wellness content that includes:

  • lifestyle / product photography
  • video production
  • recipe development
  • creative direction / art &
  • hosting of the Wellness Beast Podcast.

“Ultimately, my mission is to help others transition to healthy living in a down to earth way.”

My personal journey to wellness started around 7 years ago and has since progressed into something much bigger than I ever anticipated. As I learned more about holistic living and plant-based nutrition, I found myself eager to share about the positive impact it’s had on my life. Though I am proud of how far I’ve come over the years, I also acknowledge the fact that it didn’t happen overnight. My approach to wellness is one of non-judgment and empathy. I want others to feel empowered to make healthy changes, not ashamed if they haven’t yet.

To me, the word wellness embodies more than healthy food choices and lifestyle though. Wellness is also a state of mind that either positively or negatively effects your life. Mindset and self awareness are also major passions of mine as they are key components to my success as an entrepreneur.

In short, you can expect to find an array of things from me. From simple plant-based recipes, wellness lifestyle tips, mindset and more – Choose Love Blog has got you covered. Be sure to also connect with me on Instagram for more exclusive content and along with my weekly art creations known as “Wild Lip Wednesday“.

Never hesitate to reach out with any questions and I look forward to connecting with you!