My top finds at Natural Product Expo [East]

This year I had the honor and privilege to attend my first ever Natural Product Expo and man was it EPIC.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Expo, it happens twice a year (once on the west coast and once on the east) and showcases all the top (and upcoming) trending organic/natural products on the market. It’s a major opportunity for brands to connect with retailers, investors and wholesalers with over 29,000 attendees and over 1,500 vendors.

The event is actually closed to the public but I was kindly invited to attend as an influencer among 99 other amazing change makers in the wellness space. In addition to the Expo, we were kindly hosted for an annual Influencer Summit where we learned about what brands are seeking in partnerships and the importance of diversity and sustainability.

hanging with my fellow boss babes for the Influencer Summit: (from left to right)
@thatschelsea, @thisorganicgirl, yours truly, @hullosam, @masionpur

The Expo took place in the Baltimore Convention Center and was open for 3 days. Though that may seem like plenty of time to cover the event it was still pretty much impossible to see everything. I did manage to find some pretty amazing new brands though while meeting some old favorites in person.

Here are 14 new finds that really stood out.


Riot Eats – certified organic plant-based cheese. They served up mini grilled cheese sandwiches with their slices and omgg was it so yummy!

No Bull Burgers – these plant-based burgers were absolutely delicious. They’re made from real, whole food ingredients like lentils and sweet potatoes. They’re also gluten free.

Alpha foods apparently this brand has been around for a little bit but they’re new to me! I tried their vegan breakfast burritos and nuggets and both were soooo good!

Foods Alive raw organic crackers in garlic and curry flavors? Nuff said. Truly, these flax seed crackers are everythinggggg.

Plant PerksPlant-based cheese spreads made from cashews! Every single flavor I tried was amazing.

Vego – If you love those férrero rocher (or whatever those chocolate balls in the gold wrapper are called) then you need this chocolate in your life. It’s certified organic, vegan and bomb.

Swapples – Sweet and Savory Waffles made from yucca!! The idea of a tomato basil waffle might sound super strange but trust me when I tell you it’s delicious. They also make more classic breakfast flavors like blueberry and cinnamon.

Eat Nice – These plant-based raviolis are definitely worth checking out – especially the “meaty” walnut option! An easy meal that’s packed with flavor.

Hippie Snacks – If you’re on the hunt for a clean, organic snack that is perfectly sweet and salty, this is it. Their seed and nut clusters in the “crispy onion” flavor lasted a whole five minutes in my house. You’re welcome.

Mati Energy drinks – I personally don’t reach for energy drinks or caffeine but these drinks are something I can get behind. They contain no added sugar, are certified organic and infused with Guayusa leaves for a natural energy boost.

Freedom Bars – A perfect on the go snack bar made with only five organic ingredients or less! They come in a variety of flavors and use dates as their base ingredient.

My Super Cookies – For all my parents with kiddos these are such a great option! They’re mini organic super food cookies that taste just like those little bear cookies we all grew up eating only way better for your kids

Watusee Foods – Is you’re looking for organic, gluten free alternative to breadcrumbs this is it!! They’re chickpea based and come in different flavors too!

Patch – stepping away from the food to share some great bamboo bandages that are perfect for all my sensitive skin folk! Not only are they great for sensitivity, but they’re also infused with things like aloe vera and charcoal to help aid wounds and burns! How cool is that?!


Miyokos – At the expo Miyokos teased us with samples of their soon to launch garlic butter, cheese blocks and shreds. OH. MY. GAWSH. Get your coins ready guys because you need to buy all three.

Nutiva My friends at Nutiva shared a few new MCT oil powders and oils and I love them! MCT oil is essentially brain food that can be incorporated into smoothies, foods etc. Might just have to do a blog post on this!

Emmy’s OrganicsMy family and I have been long time fans on Emmy’s Organics super food bites! Lucky for us they’re launching some new flavors like chocolate peanut butter and mint! I tried both and they’re both delish!

Siete Foods – Siete recently dropped some new chip flavors and they are hands down the best I’ve tried from them thus far! Their new spicy

Rebbl – I was familiar with Rebbl’s yummy elixir drinks but did you know they created new tonics?! Definitely worth checking out!

Forager Project – Best known for their plant-based milks and yogurts, Forager is attempting something new and launching a vegan butter! Spoiler alert, its pretty dang good.

Yum Earth – This popular *mostly* vegan/organic candy company has done it again! They showcased their new “giggles” at the show and they’re pretty much a legit version of Skittles. They made sour ones too!

Hu Kitchen – If you haven’t tried this chocolate yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s organic with free from added sugar, soy, emulsifiers and more. Their new cashew butter and quinoa crunch flavors are everything a chocolate lover needs.

Made Good – I’ve been sleeping on Made Good guys!! I’m honestly not sure if their caramel crispy bars (similar to rice crispy treats) are new but I discovered them at the expo and holy crap!! They have a ton of veggies in them like mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and more but taste just like marshmallows! Such a great option for kids (or adults cause lets be honest haha).

Sweet Earth – This brand has a ton of foods available but their unreleased vegan chik’n is next level. Keep an eye out for it!

Humm Kombucha – New flavors have dropped from Humm Kombucha and they didn’t disappoint! Cucumber, Blackberry and Ginger were some of the newest flavors added to the family.

I hope you enjoy some of these new finds!

Til next time,

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