Why I haven’t used a microwave in over 4 years

You know that little convenient machine we all grew up using with those powerful lights that magically heat up our food? Yeaaaa, we should talk about that.

I specifically remember being a little kid and my mom telling me, “don’t stand in front of the microwave!” when it was in use and it didn’t really dawn on me until I was older that something was very wrong about that. It’s become so normal to use these machines that we really don’t take a second to ask basic questions like “how is this thing actually working?” or “what is it really doing to my food?”.

Thankfully a couple of years ago I decided to dig deeper into this black magic box and SPOILER ALERT: it’s not very magical at all.

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that travel in invisible wave patterns to channel heat energy into the molecules inside our food. Essentially, the microwave causes atoms to reverse polarity at a high rate which in turn causes friction. This intense friction causes the water molecules inside your food to vibrate heavily and thus heat up.

Well that’s a mouth full.

In short, microwaves heat up your food like the sun heats up our skin – through radiation. Unlike the sun though, the photons in your kitchen microwave don’t have enough energy to cause as much damage as UV rays BUT they still do cause some unnatural things to occur. During the heating process, the molecular and structural bonds in our food are literally being pulled and ripped apart which leaves them different from their natural state. It’s literally stripping away the very nutrients (depending on what you’re eating of course) that make up your meal. This is especially concerning for mommas when heating up breast milk as well.

In 1989 a Swiss biologist Dr. Hans Hertel along with Professor Bernard Blanc, conducted the first extensive study on the effects of microwaved food in human organisms. They originally submitted the study for funding by the Swiss National Fund but the board concluded that there was no need to study this and turned them down – shocker. Luckily they were determined and took on the costs themselves to prove their concerns true.

Their study ended up concluding that the blood of their human test subjects (who were only fed microwaved food) showed significant changes and the beginning of pathological changes (I.e the possibility of cancer forming). Some of these changes included: an increase in cholesterol levels, decrease in hemoglobin and a decrease in lymphocytes (white blood cells).

Despite their findings however, the FEA (Swiss Association for Electro apparatuses for Households and Industry) deemed their experiment unreliable and sued them. It’s no surprise the very people deeming them “safe” were industry personnel with vested interest in protecting these machines on the market.

Aside from the health risks in the actual food, microwaves can also leak toxic energy into your home. There’s currently “standards and precautionary measures” companies are to adhere to (legal levels of HZ per second) they are to check before microwaves are legally able to be sold but this doesn’t do much good for aged doors that have been repeatedly used or a faulty one that may have slipped through the cracks.

Because the energy inside microwaves is so massive they are built with a metal mesh that reflects the waves like a mirror to keep them in. In the event that your microwave is some how faulty or old this could be exposing you to serous toxic electromagnetic fields that cause serious damage to human cells and tissue. Our eyes are especially vulnerable to these kinds of waves and there was even a clinical case of micro-wave caused cataracts submitted as early as the 50’s and again recently.

And let’s not even get into the plastic that most microwave-able food comes in! That alone emits terrible chemicals that have somehow been deemed safe to eat.

Now I know some people will say I’m an extremist and that their [insert family member] has lived to be 107 with no issues eating microwaved foods everyday but frankly I could care less. The risk is NOT worth the convenience for me and I am just as pleased with using a good ole stove to heat up my left overs.

Between the nutrient killing, blood changing and energy leakage that’s quite enough for me to ban microwaves from my home.

I do want to say that the goal of my blog is never to fear monger, make you paranoid or feel ashamed for where you’re at in your journey. I’m simply sharing my findings and beliefs and it is up to you to decide what is best for you and your family.

As always I hope you found this helpful!

Til next time,

~ Chantel








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  1. Alla Korot says:

    What a thorough and interesting blog you wrote! Super nice read Chanti!

    Thank you for taking the time to compile this wonderful information!! YOU ROCK:))






    1. Thanks so much for reading Alla!! I appreciate your kind words ❤️

  2. Alla Korot says:

    Thank you so much! Super nice read and very well researched:) I really enjoyed reminding myself why I choose not to use a microwave in my home for the past several years!

    1. So sorry for the delayed response but thank you!! And I’m so happy to know you’ve decided against a microwave as well!

  3. Great Information, Cuz!

    1. So happy you found it helpful cuz!

  4. minoshi says:

    wow . thanks for sharing this fact . Would keep in mind and would inform others too.

    1. My pleasure!! So happy you found it helpful!

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