22 healthier versions of your kid’s [and your] favorite foods! |vegan friendly|

A common answer I get from people when asked why they don’t eat healthier foods/snacks is the famous “…because I love [insert favorite food item] too much!”

Well what if I told you there are healthier versions of you and your kids favorite cult classics available? We’ve come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s folks and as the demand for health conscious foods increases so do the options 🙌🏼.

Now, I should be clear, just because something is organic, vegan and non-gmo doesn’t necessarily make it super good for you – Sugar is vegan/organic too! BUT what these options DO guarantee is a list of products with real, recognizable ingredients that are much HealthIER than their artificial/over processed alternatives. The chemicals and pesticides in these types of coventional foods have been linked to numerous health and cognitive issues such as diabetes, cancer, ADHD, high blood pressure and more.

I tried to focus on the most popular things the average kid enjoys but of course this is also a great guide for anyone – kids or not. These are all items we personally eat at home and give to our four-year old son so and I hope it helps!

Enough chat though, lets jump right in!



1. Bread – Because this is a food people use pretty frequently I definitely reccomend you switch to a cleaner option asap. Eureka! bread is a great healthy bread option and comes in a variety of flavors like whole wheat, seed and grain. It can be found at Publix, Walmart, Lucky’s Market and Target.



2. Jelly – The Green Wise brand from Publix is a delicious option for organic jelly and also comes in other flavors like strawberry and apricot! Trader Joes also carries a great selection if there isn’t a Publix near you.




3. Peanut Butter – Despite Jif”s claim to be all “natural” there are still some pretty sketchy and unnecessary ingredients in these products. Try instead the Aldi’s Simply Nature Organic PB for a healthy and affordable option.


4. Nutella – If you have an obsession with this popular hazel nut spread, have no fear! The Nutiva brand tastes pretty much the same and is a much healthier option. It can be found at Walmart, Whole foods or the online health store Thrive Market.




5. Waffles – If you’re guilty of this quick morning breakfast option I’m not judging! Replace those Eggo’s with Nature’s Path Organic though as they are super good and come in a variety of flavors. These can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Whole foods and Publix.




6. Pancakes – Though the idea of homemade pancakes is great, the reality is sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that. Toss out that Aunt Jemima box in your pantry and try the Annie’s brand instead. If you’re like me and don’t consume eggs, to replace that suggested ingredient simply use flax meal, chia seeds or a smashed banana. We’ve used all three in our home and it works great! You can snag this at Publix, Target, Walmart or Whole Foods.


7. Cereal – Another quick breakfast or (let’s be honest, ANY time of the day) food is cereal. The most popular brands such as Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops have been dominating for years but the truth is they’re horrible for you and your kids. Try instead the Nature’s Path Organic Cereal. They come in a wide variety of flavors to replace the old school classics and are all DELICIOUS – plus they donate proceeds to great animal causes 😉 You can grab them pretty much anywhere – Walmart, Publix, Trader Joes, Target, Lucky’s Market and Whole Foods. image

8. Yogurt – Yogurt is one of those things that tricks you into thinking you’re eating a healthy snack until you actually learn to read labels and realize it’s filled with a bunch of weird stuff. In addition to the sketchy ingredients the truth is dairy really isn’t great for you or your little ones (linked to inflammation in the gut, digestive issues and respiratory  complications) so try instead the So Delicious non dairy coconut brand. This stuff is crazy good and though some flavors do have more sugar than I care for you can always by the unsweetened flavor and toss in granola like we do 😉 These can be found at Publix, Walmart and Whole Foods.


9. Applesauce – Can’t go wrong with a good ole classic apple sauce – unless it’s not a legit organic one of course! Mott’s is another example of a popular company that loves to green wash (make their products seem healthy with terms like “all natural”) when in reality they’re filled with unnecessary garbage like high fructose corn syrup. Try instead the Trader Joes organic apple sauce containers perfect for on the go.


10. Granola Bars – My poor mom gave me these bad boys all the time growing up thinking it was a healthy little snack. You guessed it, it’s filled with chemicals. Try instead these Aldi’s granola bars that are super affordable, great for the kiddos and a perfect mid day snack for you.


11. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Fun fact: My nickname growing up was “cookie” because of how many of these bad boys I ate. Looking back at the ingredients literally makes me cringe now but thankfully I can spare you all with these Back to Nature ones! I introduced my (non-plant based)  immediate family to these and it’s literally the only ones they buy now! You can find these at Target, Publix, Walmart and Whole Foods. 


12. Oreos – These are a prime example of how a snack can be vegan and still unhealthy AF. Try instead these Newman O’s cookies as a great alternative! They come in a wide variety of flavors like Peanut Butter, Ginger snap and Chocolate mint and can be found at Target, Publix, Lucky’s Market and Whole Foods.




13. Cool Ranch Doritos – I used to love eating these bad boys when I was a kid so when I switched to healthier living I was stoked to find these Late July ones instead! Now, I don’t know how suitable these realistically are for children as they do have a bit of a kick but my 14 yr old niece is obsessed with them so they’re not crazy hot either. Luckily this brand does make tons of other yummy flavors so there’s definitely something you can find for your littles! These can can be found at Publix, Whole Foods, Lucky’s Market, Target and Walmart.



14. Capri Suns- Ahh Capri suns, the little sugary drink that has been around for years. Luckily companies have realized we need a better option and have delivered! These Honest Kids juice packs are a great alternative and also come in a list of flavors to choose from. You can grab these at Publix, Walmart, Whole Foods, Lucky’s Market, Target, Sams and Costco. image

15. Cake mix – If you’re not one to bake from scratch then a box cake is a no brainer! Ditch the unhealthy options like Pillsbury and Betty Crocker for one of my favorites by Organics! These come in different flavors and are SO GOOD. If you’re vegan or don’t consume eggs, chia seed “eggs” work great with this box. I’ve typically found these at Whole Foods or Amazon. image

16.  Frosting –  Because what’s a cake without frosting? If you’re not into super sweet frosting with loads of chemicals check out these Dollop Gourmet options! They are so good and contain half the amount of sugar than conventional brands making it an excellent choice for you and your kids! These are currently only available online BUT I do have a discount code that saves you 15% with code “CHOOSELOVE15”. image


17. Gummies – Not sure about your kids but my son LOVES gummies! If you’re in search of a gelatin free, organic option give these Annie’s packs a try! They come in various flavors and can be found at Target, Walmart, Whole foods, Lucky’s Market and Publix. image

18. Fruit Roll Ups – Another popular kid favorite! Ditch the chemicals and try the Annie’s brand instead! These can be found in the same stores and aisle as the gummies.


19. Reeses – Bless the person who put peanut butter and chocolate together! The feeling isn’t the same for the person who invented Reeses though -__-. Try the Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups and I promise you won’t be missing a thing! They sell these in Target, Whole foods, Publix and Lucky’s Market. image

20. Twizzlers – SOO who else used to use their twizzlers as a straw for their drink? No, just me? Any whoo you can grab a healthier version of these popular candies from trusty Newman Owns who by the way makes literally EVERYTHING – sauces, cookies, candies etc. You can find these at Whole Foods.



21. Crackers – Another staple pretty much in every home is a classic round cracker. These Green Wise golden rounds taste exactly like Ritz minus all the crap. These can be found at Publix for pretty cheap.


22. Ice cream – Kid or adult, this is a classic treat everyone loves! These So Delicious dairy free ice creams are literally the BEST I’ve tried – dairy or not. They come in a ton of flavors (and different bases like coconut too) should you have a nut allergy. They can be found at Target, Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods and Luckys market.


There it is! I hope you guys found this format helpful and would love your feedback on whether or not I should create more posts like these! Also let me know if you give any of these foods a try 🙂

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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    Chantel, I luv the clear to-the-point format plus I can hear your voice throughout your catchy and so you turn of phrases. Most practical too with location options. 2 suggestions 1) price comparison and 2) keep it going – how about an interactive option where folks post an item for you to suggest an option? Thanks for spreading good. Much luv.

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