Almond Cow Machine: make homemade mylk in 30 seconds! [vanilla spice + chocolate recipe]

Yup, you read that right – 30 SECONDS.

I recently came across a company on Instagram called Almond Cow who created a revolutionary machine that not only eliminates the need for straining homemade mylks with nut cloths, but also reduces the mess to practically nothing in record time! Despite its name, the Almond Cow is not only limited to almonds though. You can use any type of nut in this machine as well as coconut to make deliciously healthy mylks right in your home. (we use the term “mylk” to signify it is dairy-free in case any of you were wondering if it was a typo hahaha)

Aside from the awesome ability to create your own recipes, making homemade mylk is a much healthier way to go in comparison to store-bought mylks. While I will admit I’ve purchased Almond Breeze, Silk and plenty of other non dairy brands, the truth is they contain unnecessary ingredients to maintain shelf life. Not only do companies need to make the product last longer but some also use an ingredient called “carrageenan” to act as a thickener. While it is derived from a plant (seaweed to be specific) there have been many reports that have linked it to causing inflammation in the gut.

For these reasons making your own batch at home is obviously the best option. So let’s get into this epic machine!

The machine breaks down into 4 simple parts – the top, the container, the blade and the cup. Step 1 is to detach the top.


The next step is to remove the bottom cup compartment by simply twisting it off. This is where your nuts and ingredients (such as dates for sweeteners) will go.


The cup is made of stainless steel and has markings for measurements engraved on the front. It is also partially made of a metal mesh which is how your nuts will be “strained” by the blade. Once you fill the cup with your nuts and/or dates, you screw it back onto the blade and push the top back onto the container. Before doing this though, you’ll need to fill your container with water.

The container part is where you will pour the finished product from and has two markings on the inside: Minimum and Maximum which is where you will pour your filtered water. I have only used the minimum line as I’ve found if you go above that the mylk will be on the watery tasting side.


After the water is poured, add in your spices and secure the top. The button on the top of the machine will turn green once it’s plugged in to let you know it’s ready to go. Press the button once, the machine will do it’s thing for 30 seconds and then automatically turn off.

Once the mylk is done you can unscrew the cup again to use the pulp for baking or composting! As mentioned earlier, the machine eliminates the need to use a cloth and the clean up in also super easy! Just rinse the cup, blade and container with water and you’re done.


Below is a video to show you exactly how it’s done. For the recipe in the video + my chocolate mylk one and discount code – keep scrolling!




Vanilla Spice Recipe: (serving a little over 38 oz)

  • 1 cup organic almonds (soaked over night)
  • 4 pitted dates
  • filtered water filled to the minimum line in container
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp pumpkin spice (you can also use all spice)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp pink himalayan salt

For straight vanilla mylk omit the spice. I find that this adds a REALLY nice flavor though and it isn’t too over powering or egg nog/pumpkin tasting. Totally up to you though!

Chocolate Mylk Recipe:

Follow all the steps for the vanilla spice mylk above. I personally like the flavor of the chocolate mylk with the spice but again, you can totally use a straight vanilla mylk as a base instead.

Once you have your vanilla mylk base, the additional ingredients you’ll need are:

  • 1/4 cup non dairy chocolate chips (I used the Pascha brand as it is the most legit brand I’ve found)
  • 1 tsp organic coconut oil 
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder (you can also use cocoa powder as I do this time since I ran out of cacao!)
  • 1-2 tsp organic brown sugar (optional)


In a small sauce pan, set the heat to medium/low on the stove top and drop in your coconut oil. Once it has melted, drop in your chocolate chips. With a small whisk, continue stirring the chocolate until it is creamy and smooth like a syrup. Be careful not to burn it!


Next, add in half a mason jar worth (roughly 6 oz) of your vanilla almond mylk and mix really well. Do the same for the other half.


Next add in your cacao or cocoa powder and brown sugar to sweeten up a bit more (optional). Mix well with the whisk and you’re seriously all done!


SOOOO yummy and rich just like the store stuff but way BETTER for you. Pour into mason jars with tight lids and place in the fridge. Good for about 5-6 days. If you want to try this machine out for yourself use my code “CHOOSElOVEART” for $25 off + FREE SHIPPING! 10000% worth the investment! Shop their machines here → Almond Cow



Til next time,

~ Chantel


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