Rejuva Minerals Makeup Look + Review [organic, vegan & cruelty free]

If you’re like me and love discovering new clean, cruelty free makeup then I’ve found another great brand for you to try! Rejuva Minerals is a high quality cosmetic line founded by CEO Brenda Hyre after she began developing sensitivities to conventional beauty formulas filled with toxic ingredients.

After partnering with a team of professional chemists and make-up artists, she created a nontoxic line of makeup that was not only infused with organic/natural ingredients but also vegan and gluten-free! In fact, the line is so clean that it scored a solid “0” on the toxicity scale of the “Think Dirty” app! Read more about their mission and product promises here → Rejuva Facts

In addition to their safe ingredients, their packaging is also completely Eco-friendly with the newest pressed powder compacts even being biodegradable! How awesome is that?! This is exactly the type of company we should be supporting with our dollars guys – not to mention they are crazy affordable!! 🙌🏼

I was recently sent a generous package of goodies from their line and decided to play around by creating a simple day look. I’ll start by sharing the product reviews first and follow it up with my make up look details at the end.

The products included in my PR package were:

6 [vegan & cruelty free] synthetic brushes: Buki, Highlight, Angle, Shadow Smudge, All over lid & Crease.

Mega lash mascara in black.

Pressed powder for face and eyes in the shades: White Diamond, Mocha Latté, Moonless Night, Brazilian Brown and Acai Berry.

• Pur’ lip moisturizing lipsticks in shades: Red Red Wine and Peach Bellini.

• & two Pressed powder foundations in the shades: Nude & Glow.


Let’s start with the brushes. The range of their brushes is absolutely perfect for makeup application and are very well made. The bristles don’t feel cheap or shed at all and I’m especially loving their Buki and highlight brushes! I was using a blush brush for highlight previously and really see a difference after using theirs instead. I highly recommend you grab some of these if you’re in the market for great vegan brushes. Price: ($7-16)




Next up are their multi purpose eye and face mineral powders. Each powder is infused with organic fruits/botanicals and the pigments on each of these are stunning! The wear time for these is also impressive as it stayed put all throughout the evening and night. I’m pretty much a sucker for multi use products since its a no brainer in terms of value for your dollar. I created a look using the four powders you see here (White Diamond, Mocha Latté, Brazilian Brown and Acai Berry) by alternating some on my face and eyes.

Since I was going for a day look and the 5th powder is a true black shade (“Moonless Night”) I didn’t incorporate that one but will definitely be using it for a smokey eye soon. Each powder is super blendable and the brushes make them especially easy to work with. Price:($10.95)


The next product is their mega lash mascara in black. The wand is wide and the bristles are spaced out nicely which I personally prefer in a mascara. To get the length/look I wanted it took about two coats of this plus an eye lash curler. I wore it all day and night and had no issues with smudging, clumps or flaking. Overall I’d say this is definitely a great mascara that is free from all the nasties and also super affordable! Price: ($12)


Next we have the pressed powder foundations in the shades Nude and Glow. I personally am a full coverage kind of girl – Like, SUPER full coverage. Because of this I generally only use cremes or liquids as I’ve just never been able to get the coverage I like with powder. With that being said, the same was true for these. When applied alone the coverage is light to medium (if built on) so it didn’t work as a foundation for me BUT they did work AMAZING as setting powders with extra coverage.

Prior to this I was using the W3ll People invisible setting powder but I have to say I think I may actually like these better as they create a super soft finish when combined with my Kjaer Wise foundation (shade “paper thin”). The two different shades worked super well for me since “Nude” was a tad bit on the lighter side and worked well for setting my under eye concealer (Hynt Beauty in shade “light”) where as “Glow” matched my overall complexion nicely. By the end of the night I had no creasing and my makeup looked great! Definitely a HUGE fan of these. Price: ($8.95)


Last but not least we have the moisturizing lipsticks in the shades “Red Red Wine” and “Peach Bellini”. The formulas are super creamy and glide on so smoothly! I have to admit these aren’t colors I’d typically reach for as I’m not really a metallic undertone kind of girl and both these are rich in them. Although these aren’t my personal preference color wise, they are still very beautifully formulated and rich in moisture as the name suggests. Price: ($10.95)

Now that you have a little background on the details of the products here is the look I created using the following items:

  1. Rejuva Minerals Brushes: Buki, Highlight, All Over lid & Crease
  2. Pressed Powder Foundation as setting powders in both shades used under my eyes and all over face (applied with their Buki brush)
  3. White Diamond Pressed Powder as a highlighter on the high points of my cheeks, cupids bow, bridge of my nose and above eyebrows (applied with their highlight brush)
  4. Mocha Latte Pressed Powder as a bronzer/countour powder on my cheeks, forehead and lower jaw line (applied with their Buki brush)
  5. Mocha Latte & Brazilian Brown Pressed Powder on my lids (applied with their “all over lid” & “crease” brushes)
  6. Acai Berry Pressed Powder as blush on the apples of my cheeks (applied with an eco tools blush brush)
  7. Mega Lash mascara on lashes



For the eyes, I prepped with a little concealer and applied the Mocha Latte shade all over my lid with their “all over lid” brush. I followed up with the Brazililan Brown in my crease with their “crease” brush.


I really loved working with this makeup and can definitely see it having a permanent place in my collection. It’s clean, performs well and doesn’t break the bank which is all you can really ask for in a line. I’m really happy to have found this brand and hope you’ll give them a try too 🙂

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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