10 Non Toxic Halloween Candies!

Halloween is almost here and you know what that means! 🎃🍭🍬 The inevitable candy craze is upon us folks. Though the childhood staples like Skittles and Reese’s still make their rounds, here’s a few reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your little ones away from those conventional candies!

1️⃣ Artificial flavoring/dyes: The chemicals used in the classic candies like skittles, M&Ms etc are saturated with things like petroleum, carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and even coal tar! I mean do you really want your kids eating that?! 😖.

2️⃣ GMO’s: genetically modified organisms are laced with highly processed artificial “sugar” agents like high fructose corn syrup and have been linked to a variety of damages to the body including the kidneys, liver and nervous system.

3️⃣ Preservatives and Hydrogenated oils: These chemicals keep the life of these toxic candies going forever and that in itself is questionable. Studies have shown a direct link to ADHD, cancer and other cognitive deficiencies when consuming these chemicals.

Does this mean your kid should be deprived of experiencing Halloween traditions? Of course not! In our home we simply replace the nasties with goodies by supporting a few of our favorite brands who offer much cleaner alternatives [and plenty of vegan options too!].

(click the brand names below to redirect to their website for store locations near you!)


1. Yumearth:
This brand offers everything from organic gummy worms, gummy bears and candy corn! I’ve purchased them from my local whole foods plenty of times and we love them. (some are gelatin free)


2. Natures Bakery:
Last year we bought some cute organic Halloween themed brownies that were individually packed – perfect for handing out to little trick or treaters. I found them at my local Target. (vegan)


3. Trader joes organic lollipops:
You can never go wrong with good ole trader joes. They sell organic lollipops in an assortment of flavors perfect for Halloween. (vegan)


4. Ocho candy:
I’ve fallen hard for this brand, it’s so good! They offer tons of flavored chocolate bars that come in mini sizes too making them a great option for Halloween. The coconut ones taste just like almond joys and are vegan! You can find them at whole foods and target. use code: OCHOWEEN online for 20% off Halloween packs through October!


5. Aldis [Simply Nature] organic gummies:
I feel like Aldis is commonly over looked but they’ve got some great deals hidden there! Among them are organic gummy fruit snacks that my kid happens to love through out the year. (gelatin free)


6. Justin’s:
If you love Reese’s but hate chemicals, Justin’s is your saving grace! They make the BEST chocolate peanut butter cups and they sell them in individual packs perfect for candy passing! They’re sold at Whole Foods and Target. (the dark chocolate minis are vegan)


7. Annie’s fruit snacks:
Annie’s is another great brand that offers tons of kid friendly treats including their popular gummy snacks. I’ve scored these at Target, Whole foods, Publix and Walmart. (gelatin free)


8. Unreal:
Love M&Ms but want a healthier version? Unreal has you covered! They offer the famous chocolate coated candies using natural vegetable dyes like beets to achieve their color! They also offer healthy versions of snickers bars and PB cups! I’ve found them at Target and Wholefoods. (some are vegan)


9. Wholesome:
Wholesome actually makes a wide range of products from baking products to syrups and also offers candies! You can score non gmo vegan gummy bears, swedish fish and some others with this sweet brand. Found at Whole foods.


10. Black Forest Organics:
If you or your kids are into the sour stuff Black Forest offers organic sour gummies and tons of other goodies. They can be found at Wholefoods and SAMs/Costco for bulk options too!

And there you have it! Easily replaceable candies that will ensure a much safer alternative for you and your little ones 😊

**It is important to note however that just because it’s organic/vegan doesn’t mean it doesn’t have tons of sugar and is good for you! Haha Please eat responsibly.

Happy Healthy Halloween!

~ Chantel

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