Stink Bug Naturals: Non Toxic Deodorant Review

Don’t know about you but I live a pretty on the go life so having a deodorant that works is crucial. Oh, and have I ever mentioned I live in Florida? Aka the land of year round crazy hot temperatures? Yeaaaaaaa, this momma needs something that WORKS.

Luckily Stink Bug Naturals exists! They’re a family owned business that prides themselves on offering products made of raw organic, non gmo, aluminum free ingredients safe enough to eat. Not that we really recommend you do this buuttttt you get the point.

Before I get into the review though, I should first explain why it’s important to avoid conventional deodorants in the first place. Here’s an in a nutshell breakdown of the toxic goodies (sarcasm) that are in most of the popular brands you’ll find at the store.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum compounds have been shown to clog the pores and actually stop sweat from occurring. Although this may seem effective it’s extremely unnatural and unhealthy. The body releases toxins via sweat so storing them is as you can imagine no bueno. In addition to this it has also been linked to Alzheimers disease, hormone disruption and cancer. Yikes.

2. Triclosan

A classified pesticide by the FDA that kills bacteria. The problem with this (other than the fact that’s it’s a damn pesticide -WTF) is that it’s also a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) when it comes in contact with water. Umm..

3. Parabens

A common preservative used in many cosmetic products. It can act as estrogen in the body thus disrupting hormones. It has also been linked to breast and prostate cancer.

4. Artificial colors/fragrance

Artificial dyes which can be found in nearly everything now a days including food – has been shown to act as a carcinogen in the body when consumed/absorbed in large quantities. As for artificial fragrances, the term has become an umbrella for a whole slew of toxic ingredients ranging from benzene to petroleum (yup, like crude oil).

Honesty the list goes on and on and I urge you to reconsider the use of conventional deodorant brands if they’re still in your home. Your health just isn’t worth the risk.

Luckily for us companies like Stink Bug have been stepping up to the plate to offer us great alternatives to keep the odor away.

Stink bug offers two kinds of deodorants: cream or stick.


Other than the obvious difference in packaging and texture, the stick formula does contain beeswax where as the cream is completely vegan.

The sticks come in a variety of scents that include: Floral Lime, Tangerine, Pine Cone, Patchouli, Lavender, Atomic and Unscented. The creams are offered in two options: Floral Lime or Tangerine Spice. All scents are achieved with essential oils so you don’t ever have to worry about the fake stuff here 😉

The awesome Stink Bug family was kind enough to send me the Lavender (stick) and Floral Lime stick and cream to try and review for you!

So lets start with the cream.


The full size creams come in a 1.7 oz glass jar and a little goes a long way. The ingredients are super simple and only include: Shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch, ylang ylang & lime essential oils. I freakin loveee how short this list it!


The texture is like a thick cream and is slightly gritty due to the baking soda. The scent smells great although I would say you get more ylang ylang than lime. If you’re not familiar with ylang ylang it’s very floral and fresh sort of similar to geranium.

I apply about less than a pea size amount per arm pit and rub it in gently. Although the formula is gritty on your fingers it doesn’t feel that way once applied to your pits. Compared to the stick I would say the fragrance of the cream is definitely stronger than the stick which I like. I would be careful not to over apply though because you can feel the cream as you move your arms around otherwise. When applied sparingly it works great and has lasted me the full day!

Next we have the sticks.


These come in a 2.1 oz stick with your standard screw bottom.  The ingredients are pretty much the same as the cream except it has beeswax in it. This option is great if you want a quick and easy application that doesn’t require your fingers and is also more ideal for travel. The beeswax allows the formula to glide on easily and smooth. The scents are a little more subtle in the sticks but still give you that hint of fresh fragrance. I’ve also used this the entire day (kids soccer practice and all!) and it got the job done.

Both options work great and it really just comes down to preference. If you want something vegan that provides a stronger scent I’d go with the cream. If you want something you can throw on quickly and take with you on the go then the sticks are for you! I should also mention that they do offer travel sizes for both now which is a great way to test out formulas/scents without committing to a full size 😊

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Let me know if you decide to give these a try and as always never hesitate to shoot me a comment with any questions.

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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