Badger Balm: Organic Facial Oil & Cleanser Review|+ giveaway!|

We’ve all heard of facial cleansers but have you ever tried it in the form of an oil? This was my first time using an oil (that doesn’t foam or lather) and I have to say it was surprisingly great.

First and foremost let’s talk about the company, Badger Balm. I first encountered them at whole foods when I was on the hunt for an organic non toxic sunscreen for my son when he was an infant. They hands down had one of the cleanest formulas ever that was very effective. I developed my love and support for the company then and have since tried out a few of their balms.

The company is completely family owned and started when Bill (the CEO) created a balm to help the cracking that happened to his hands during winters as a carpenter. He chose the name “Badger” because: “The Badger is a healing totem: The Root Gatherer, with a deep knowledge of the secrets of the root and herb kingdoms; fierce and effective in defense of the self and family and persistent in overcoming obstacles, successfully seeing projects through to the end.”

After reading more about the history of their company I was naturally stoked when they blessed me with the opportunity to review some of their new oils. The facial oil options are narrowed down into skin types that included: Demascus Rose, Argan, Unscented and Seabuckthorn. Each targets the specific needs of varying skin struggles and they even share a blog post on how to choose the right one for you! (Click the link here to read it —> Choosing my oil ).

After carefully reading the post, I decided to go with the Seabuckthorn oil for my skin  Sea buckthorn is extracted from a berry and is packed with aminos, antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins that all do wonder for the skin. The guide describes this skin type as being  “combination normal to dry” , lacking in moisture and needing a little help with seasonal dry patches/oil production. I would definitely say this is fitting as my skin tends to have dry areas around my mouth/cheeks and can be a bit oiler in my T Zone.

Each set comes with two products: A facial cleansing oil and face oil. The directions suggest starting with the cleansing oil so I began there.


The oil itself (texture wise) is like a runnier version of olive oil and goes on super smooth. The scent smells AWESOME with notes of floral and citrus-y aromas. It includes only 12 legit organic ingredients: sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, castor oil, seabuckthorn extract, lavender oil, sweet orange, geranium, rose hip, vitamin e and menthol crystals.

I pumped three drops in my hand, rubbed my palms together and massaged my face in a circular motion. The oil doesn’t lather or act as a typical soapy cleanser. I ran a wash cloth under hot water and gently wiped my face of the oil seeing that some makeup I missed with my remover prior was also removed. Immediately after my skin felt soft and smooth and also tingled a bit because of the menthol.

After this I then followed up with the facial oil.


The oil is very similar to the cleanser in texture and smell. I used about two pumps of it and rubbed it gently into my face. My skin felt clean, refreshed and hydrated after the duo and smelled incredible. I used this product at night before bed and in the morning my face felt sooooo smooth and looked brighter after just one use! Because you only need a few drops of each, these will certainly last you a good while too.

I’ve used tons of oils but I can honesty say Badger Balm is some of the cleanest higher quality ingredients I have ever used on my skin. No fillers, no preservatives no artificial anything. With their products you get exactly what’s advertised and nothing less. I was pleasantly surprised to find they not only offered a TON of options for skincare now but also expanded their shop to include almost everything you can think of – bug spray, olive oil, aromatherapy & more!

These two products have easily become my new nightly ritual and we’re giving one of you the opportunity to try it too!


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Good luck!

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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  1. Savanna says:

    I love oil cleansing! It’s so interesting that their cleanser has menthol in it. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. I do always see this brand at the grocery store though and have been curious about it, so I’m glad you reviewed it!

    1. I love it now too! I’m kinda sad I didn’t try it earlier lol The menthol was also a surprise ingredient to me but the tingly freshness afterward was actually kinda nice 🙂 So glad you found the review helpful! <3

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