Elanveda: botanical oils for your sinus’ & face

If you suffer from sinus issues, congestion or just love botanical oils in general then I’ve found the PERFECT products for you!

For the past few weeks I’ve been testing out two products from a company that I’m really excited to share with you all. Elanveda is an Ayurvedic inspired company based in California who offers a range of products from oils to supplements. They use only organic and naturally sourced ingredients, are 100% vegan/cruelty-free and refrain from using any fillers or artificial components in their formulas. YES please.

Before I get into the actual products, I think it’s important to share a little background on the company. I personally love knowing more about the people I am supporting as it helps me really understand the root of their mission.

Elanveda was founded by a husband and wife team, Daniel and Pamela who witnessed the power of Ayurvedic herbs/supplements first hand. The initial encounter came when Pamela contracted Shingles a few years ago and wanted to heal herself as naturally as possible. After much research and a uniquely formulated herbal composition from a practitioner, her condition was healed after two months.

The second testimony came when the couple struggled with fertility. It was later determined that Daniel’s hair growth medication was the root of the cause and he too decided to try an Ayurvedic approach. He stopped the medication, began taking a specifically formulated supplement and within four months the couple was happily pregnant.

Inspired by the astonishing results brought forth by Ayurvedic medicine, the couple went on to birth Elanveda.

Now that you know a little about the founders and their commitment to natural health let’s get into my review!

REOPEN – botanical oil for easy breathing.

The first oil I was sent to try from their line was their “Reopen” oil which is designed to aid with opening up the nasal passage for easier breathing. This is perfect for anyone who suffers from sinus issues, allergies or the common cold/stuffy nose.

The packaging includes a beautifully sealed tube that houses the product. The oil itself comes in a dark, miron violet glass bottle which helps to preserve the formula and its potency. The top of the bottle is a roller ball style which makes for super easy and convenient application.

The ingredients are 100% organic and include: jojoba oil, rosemary leaf, lemongrass, eucalyptus, stinkwort and white camphor leaf oil.

The ingredient list is perfect for congestion and it is known that the Eucalyptus oil in particular reacts with mucous membranes helping to loosen it up.

As suggested, I apply the oil directly under my nose [right above my lip] while massaging it gently with the roller ball. The oil isn’t super thick or runny so it stays put well. The scent smells of a heavenly Lemongrass and Eucalyptus combo that really opens you up with one good sniff. It’s super refreshing and honestly smells great even if just for a relaxing aromatherapy oil. I also love how small and travel friendly this is for an on the go treatment in your bag.

With the constant change in weather here in Florida lately [hot to cold every other day] came the inevitable light sniffles in our home. This was probably the one and only time I didn’t mind them as it presented me with an opportunity to really test the oil. I applied it 3 times a day – morning, afternoon and more heavily at night – and loved how it helped to keep me breathing smoothly. I found myself sleeping better, sneezing less and feeling less “stuffed”. My hubs suffers from really bad sinus/allergies around March so I’m really excited to use this for him!

REGALE – botanical anti aging face oil.

The second product I was sent to try was their beautiful REGALE facial oil. If you’re into rose/floral scents then this formula is truly divine. This also comes in a roller ball dark glass bottle that includes a hefty amount.

The ingredients include organic: jojoba, borage seed, marula, rosewood, lavender, rose geranium, ylang ylang, sandalwood, sweet geranium, pomegranate, sage, açaí, carrot seed, cape gold, spanish jasmine, damask rose, palmarosa, bitter orange, myrrh, frankincense, chamomile and spikenard.

Now THAT is a facial oil folks. Aside from the enchanting smell this oil is packed with serious benefits. While anyone can use this oil, pomegranate and carrot seed oil are especially fantastic for acne prone skin as they have natural antibacterial properties while the others are soothing and high in anti-aging components.

After cleansing and moisturizing I followed up with the oil all over my face and neck. The roller ball really allows you to control how much oil you want to apply without being wasteful which I like since quality skincare isn’t cheap. After applying it to my face, I then used my hands to gently pat it in to allow my face to really absorb the oil. The formula isn’t greasy or heavy and doubled as a soothing aromatherapy session for me.

For someone with combo skin I found that this worked really well on my drier areas. It left my entire face with a healthy glow that would also be beautiful on a no makeup day. My skin can also tend to be rather sensitive but I was happy to see this didn’t break me out at all. HIGHLY recommend it if you’re in the market for a new facial oil.

If you’re someone with sinus issues or just looking for great skincare then definitely check this brand out! I hope you found this review helpful and you can click the links below to shop their full oil and supplement collections –



Til next time,

~ Chantel

*disclaimer – It’s important to note that while I myself am also a true believer in the power of natural medicine, I should remind you that I am not a physician and always encourage you to consult with your doctor on what is best for you.
This post was kindly sponsored. All opinions and reviews are true and my own.

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