Kairetool: a surgical-grade steel tool for the face & body!

We’ve all heard the buzz around skincare tools by now – Jade Rollers, Gua Sha, Derma rollers etc. – and while they all serve a great purpose I was recently introduced to something entirely different that I’m excited to share with you guys!

The Kairetool is an innovative, hypoallergenic surgical grade steel tool made by a company called SelfKaire. It’s patent pending 3 pin design is unique in that it is created to target acupressure points in the face and body. It can easily be held with your fingers for use and is made to last. But why would you want to use this in the first place and what makes it so special?

Lymphatic Circulation & Blood Flow

As we know our bodies are comprised of complex systems that carry out some pretty important functions. One of those systems is called the Lymphatic system. It’s primary job is to carry out lymph [an infection and bacteria fighting liquid comprised of white blood cells] throughout the body via small tubes and lymph nodes. When this system is working properly our immune system reaps the benefits and we generally look and feel better.

Thankfully there are ways to help support this function and one is to massage the body. This helps to stimulate the system which in turn increases flow and helps to remove metabolic waste from our muscles/tissue and organs. When the lymph system is moving and blood is flowing, we not only help our body detox/build immunity but we also tend to see physical benefits in the appearance of our skin.

How the Kairetool works

Unlike other skin care tools that limit your application [straight, back and forth motions] this tool allows you to work in circular motions as well allowing you to really get the body going. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally drop it! Clumsy folks rejoice! Haha.

Before I share how I use it, it’s important that I mention that I am NOT a doctor nor am I making any medical claims. If you are pregnant, have sensitivity to metal, suffer from severe skin irritation or are under the age of 18 as with anything you should always consult with your doctor before testing new things.

Ok, now that the legal stuff is out the way let’s get into how this works! To use it you simply slide your fingers behind the top [similar to a pop socket on a phone] like so:

You want to be sure when you begin the application that you ARE NOT tugging or pulling on the skin. The idea is to have it glide back and forth easily in either a straight back and forth motion or tiny circles [light kneading]. You also want to drink plenty of water before and after as it is helping to detox the body.

You can control how much pressure you apply and massage either your face or body, helping the blood to flow in those areas. I like to use it for a few seconds in each area for a total of about ten minutes but it really is up to you.

When I’m using it on my face I like to use it conjunction with a serum as I find it helps the tool slide a bit easier and also helps the skincare penetrate deeper for maximum benefits. It can be used on your forehead, under eyes, smile lines, jaw, under your chin, cheeks or even on the scalp! Doing this daily may also help boost collagen production and strengthen the skins elasticity.

I legit feel like I’m getting a mini massage when I’m using it and have to fight myself from falling asleep because it’s that relaxing! Though it is already naturally cold because of the steel, you can also keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect when applied.

When using it on my body I tend to focus on my arms, legs and back. I find that doing this before taking a shower [then entering hot water] really feels amazing and relaxes my body. You can also pair it with your favorite body lotion/cream if you prefer not to do it on bare/dry skin. Again, you want to be sure that you are not tugging at the skin when using it and can even use it over thin layered clothing!

You can also check out different tips on use here: HOW TO USE

Cleaning & Storage

To clean your tool simply rinse it under water or use your favorite gentle soap [I like Dr.Bronners], wipe down with a clean towel and store in its carrying case. Because it isn’t as fragile as stone skincare tools, this is great to travel with! For extra support when traveling you can also store it in the imprinted box it comes in.


Another really neat feature about this company is that they offer a 60 day hassle free return policy should you find yourself unsatisfied with their tool in anyway. Simply contact them and they will provide you with a shipping label.

I hope you guys decide to give this a try as it really does feel like a portable massage with great benefits! I plan to continue using it on my face for fine lines and wrinkles so be sure to follow me on Instagram for reports back on my results! To shop for your own Kairetool with free shipping clicking HERE

Til next time,

~ Chantel

*this post was sponsored and product was gifted. As always, all opinions however are true and my own.

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  1. Interesting and very different beauty tool for people on the hunt for something new. So hard to separate the long term benefits from something like this vs all the other stuff you’re using. It’s not like you’re gonna stop using cream & only use the face tool. Can’t hurt though.

    1. Definitely different than anything I’ve seen in the beauty world! and yea I would never stop using my creams haha so I know what you mean but I do know my face and body feel amazing while/after using it!

      1. Very cool

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