Eco Nuts: certified organic household cleaners. How they work & why I use them [cruelty free]

I think we can all agree that cleaning our homes isn’t exactly our favorite chore to do but it’s obviously an important one. Even more important though is WHAT we’re using to clean it.

If you grew up like me then some of the common products under your sink included: Windex for glass, Pledge furniture polish, Lysol disinfectant spray/wipes, Pine Sol (or Fabuloso if you’re hispanic!) for the floors and the big daddy of them all: BLEACH. To credit my mom she did also use vinegar pretty frequently but overall the chemical cocktails were the stars of our cleaning days.

Not even gonna lie, the list of potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals in the household cleaners (among other things) I mentioned above is long AF. Click the link here → Chemical List ← to get an idea of what I mean. Just to put it into a clearer perspective though, toxic particles from products can be detected in the air by measuring something called Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOC’s) for short.

Though I have not tried the experiment for myself (*yet*), there are plenty examples of others who have. When a gentleman in Canada named Shawn Ellis tested his home in the parts where his cleaning supplies were stored/used the results weren’t very surprising. The average home generally reads to about 50 parts per billion or (ppb) and of the areas where the cleaners were tested, the lowest read was 273 ppb (Pledge) and the highest 1200 ppb (Lysol). Basically, these cleaners are adding some serious chemicals to the air in your home.


So what does that leave us with if we aren’t using the old school toxic stuff? Thankfully a lot of other options! One brand that we especially love in our house is Eco Nuts. Eco nuts offers a wide variety of certified organic cleaning products from cleaning sprays, to laundry detergent and even reusable bamboo paper towels! They are super affordable and also offer bundle packages to fit your needs. EN prides themselves on using 100% clean and safe ingredients (free of gmo’s, triclosan and phosphates) that are ethically sourced and packaged. They are also USDA Certified Organic by a leading non-profit educator in organic agriculture and products called “Organic by Oregon Tilth”.


We’ve been using Eco Nuts’ soap berries for a while (stay tuned for an in-depth post on detergents!) and love them so I was eager to try their cleaning supplies. The kind folks there generously sent me a few of their popular home cleaning items to try and they did not disappoint! I received the “Sustainable Home Bundle” (minus the clean-all powder) that included certified organic:

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First things first, each spray comes in an aluminum bottle and is 100% recyclable which I LOVE in comparison to the typical plastic packaging most conventional companies use. As you would expect the ingredient list is super short and to the point – using only what you absolutely need.


The scents are achieved with organic essential oils and are not super strong and synthetic smelling at all. In fact they’re the complete opposite. If you are just transitioning into cleaner products this would definitely be different than what you’re used to but for someone who is personally sensitive to fragrances – it’s perfect.


Surface, Glass and Floor Cleaners : Each of these work just as you would expect them to! They get the job done with just the basics – nothing more, nothing less. Though they’re listed as having slightly different scents, they all seem to have the same lime/citrus-y smell which I personally don’t mind. Before receiving these I only used my own home made cleaner (alcohol, vinegar and occasional essential oils) so the smell is definitely more refreshing haha. A pro tip for the floor cleaner is to buy a spray mop and pour the cleaner into the attached bottle for easy convenient cleaning ;).


Organic veggie wash : This baby helps to remove, dirt, oils, waxes and residues from your fruits and veggies. Like the other cleaners, the ingredient list is to the point (water, alcohol, essential oils, acetic acid & botanical extracts) that also has a lime scent. For hard firm veggies/fruits simply spray once and rinse thoroughly with hot water. For leafy greens, I put in about 1 oz or less (I eye ball it) in a large pot of water and let the produce sit for 30 seconds then rinse well.


Laundry Detergent / Wool dryer balls : Made from the extract of organic soap berries, this extra concentrated laundry detergent is the REAL DEAL. It’s free from dyes, fragrances, fillers, dioxane and other harsh chemicals coming in a range of sizes for a variety of “load sizes” to choose from. I was sent the ’96’ load size that retails for $16.99. It has a convenient pump and is super easy to use. This is unscented which can be a bit of change for those of you who are used to strong fragrance detergent BUT the wool balls are a game changer for that.

Once the clothes are washed and headed to the dryer, toss in all four king size organic wool balls as an alternative to fabric softener. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the balls to scent up your laundry! In addition to the scent, these balls are also fantastic because they reduce your wash time to 10-25% less by lifting the clothes and allowing air to dry them faster. They help to reduce wrinkles and can be used for thousands of loads saving you lots of time, money and energy!

If you’re like me and find your self asking, “where the heck is this wool coming from?”, you should know by now I would never recommend something that isn’t legit haha. The wool comes from an organic farm in New Zealand where strict laws and regulations are in place to ensure the protection/safety of the animals. Removing the wool is done by a completely painless technique and is actually necessary for them to get done regularly. I in no way support the death and mistreatment of animals but I do think it’s great to reuse something that is going to get done anyway! 


Reusable bamboo towels : These have got to be just about the coolest thing. These washable and absorbent paper towels are made of Rayon from bamboo and are a much more eco-friendly alternative to conventional paper towels or disposable floor cleaning pads. The roll comes with 25 sheets that can be hand washed to be reused multiple times. They’re extremely durable and free of pesticides/fertilizers.

If your pick up allows for fabric recycling they can be recycled and for every roll purchased the company donates proceeds to panda conservation. They fit perfectly into your paper towel holder and I love the idea that the same towel can be used all day long instead of a quick one time use and toss in the garbage. 


Overall, I’m a HUGE fan of this company and really love what they stand for. As I mentioned before the prices are super affordable and they’re even offering a few deals right now on the cleaning sprays and paper towel bundles! Click here to shop → BUNDLE DEALS

Let me know if you give these a go and as always shoot me a comment with any questions 😊

Til next time,

~ Chantel


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