BLVNCO’s teeth whitening box + the benefits of oil pulling.

Ever heard of Oil pulling? Wondering how it works and why people do it? Lets start with its origins.

Oil pulling is commonly associated with Ayurvedic medicine with its beginnings traced back to South India. It was believed that by swishing around natural oils such as sesame, it would help to alleviate irritability in the mouth due to inflammation and bacterial infection.  It was also believed this was great for preventative measures to ensure healthy oral care, acne free skin and reduction of migraines. Though sesame oil was among the first oils recorded for oil pulling, coconut and sunflower oil were also used for such benefits.

Today oil pulling is typically done with organic coconut oil. I personally began my practice of it after realizing how sensitive my gums had become. After looking into the symptoms further I discovered this could potentially be an early sign of gingivitis. This was a surprise to me as I obviously brush daily and keep up with my oral hygiene but after doing some research the truth is it’s a pretty common thing. About 75% of all Americans will experience a mild form of gum disease at some point which is typically easy to reverse.

One way that helps – is you guessed it – oil pulling. By swishing around coconut oil in your mouth at least 2-3 times a week you will notice a significant difference in your gums and teeth. The oil pulls out toxins and bacteria from the mouth while simultaneously whitening your teeth naturally. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and have not only noticed a difference in my gums/teeth but actually enjoy it as a small meditation practice too.

The folks at BLVNCO understand the benefits of oil pulling and decided to curate a teeth whitening box that includes individual packets for you to use. I was generously sent a box to review and think they hit the nail on the head with its contents!


Their natural teeth whitening box includes:

14 individual organic coconut pulling packets

1 jar of activated charcoal &

1 bamboo tooth-brush


I recently wrote an in-depth blog post about activated charcoal and my experience using it which you can read about here —-> Purity Smiles: Natural Teeth Whitening


Though the charcoal came from a different company the ingredients are fairly similar. Due to this I’ll be focusing on the oil packets of the BLVNCO box.


I typically oil pull first thing in the morning after I wake up and before I brush my teeth. Before I had the BLVNCO packets I was using unrefined organic coconut oil from the jar with about a tablespoon worth. I have to admit though that the packets are a lot more convenient as the oil is already perfectly packaged and ready to go with a pull away tab. They also mix in peppermint oil in their formula to provide an even more fresh taste as some people could be turned off by plain coconut oil. These are also super ideal for travel.

After putting the oil in the mouth I begin swishing as though I were using mouth wash. I do this for about 15-20 minutes although I’ve worked my way up to this time. The first time you do it your jaw WILL hurt haha. After the swishing is done its important you DO NOT SWALLOW the oil. It just pulled out all the toxins and bacteria from your mouth so swallowing it all wouldn’t be a great idea. I also recommend you DO NOT spit it out in your sink as coconut oil can solidify with different temperatures and we don’t need our pipes getting clogged up. Instead spit in your trash can.


After I finish pulling I then brush as normal. Right now I alternate my brushing with Oral Wellness tooth oil, Dr. Brite tooth paste (check out my discount tab for a promo code!) and Dr. Bronners tooth paste. The bamboo tooth-brush that comes with box has soft bristles with a small carrying case again ideal for travel. By the end of my whole process my mouth seriously feels so incredibly clean!

This box is legit a gem. Oil packets x activated charcoal x bamboo tooth-brush is the winning combo for a clean bright smile. My gums have stopped bleeding when I brush and my teeth are noticabely whiter too. If you’ve been wondering about oil pulling and activated charcoal this box is a great investment!

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Til next time,

~ Chantel








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