LunchSkins: Eco Friendly Zip Bags + Giveaway!

Did you know nearly 50% of the plastic we use is used only once and then thrown away? Or that we throw away enough plastic annually to circle the earth roughly 4 times? There’s got to be a better way. Thankfully more and more eco conscious companies are emerging with alternatives and among them is LunchSkins.

LunchSkins’ mission is to provide innovative, stylish products that encourage their customers to lead a more eco / sustainable life. They are challenging the conventional “single use” options such as zip block bags, with adorable re usable bags that help conserve our planet.

I was fortunate enough to have been gifted a few of their re usable pouches and newly released paper bags to review and share with you all!

Guys, these things are game changers!!


As I mentioned above they come in two forms: Washable Velcro or Paper Bags. Both come in a variety of super cute patterns to choose from that seal your food/snacks in tightly. The Velcro bags are dishwasher safe and come in various  sizes (gallon, quart & mini) to meet the needs of what you are packing. They are made of an easy to clean light weight fabric that is extremely durable.

The paper bags are a standard size and have a small adhesive strip to help keep your goods sealed in (the apple pattern above is an example). Unlike regular parchment paper bags that have a tendency to unravel, these are strongly made to withhold your packed foods. Both styles are incredibly affordable and can be purchased here –> LunchSkins

Use code 3GM20 for 20% off your order!

Each bag is free from toxic chemicals, chlorine, plastic, soy, gluten and are 100% compostable/recyclable ♻️


I seriously love these bags and will only be using them from now on. I’ve tested both styles out for long day trips and they work perfectly! I’ve packed sandwiches, fruits, chips, cookies and more in both without any issue whatsoever. I am seriously an official fan. Plus for every 1 LunchSkin you use, you save 500 plastic bags from sitting in a landfill – so why not make the switch?

Want to win a two pack of your own?

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