Evolvh: Hair Care Review |non toxic & cruelty free|

When you find new non toxic hair care products that actually work you hold on to them and NEVER let go! Evolvh has quickly become a favorite of mine and I’m super stoked to share all the deets on their awesome products. I’ve even had friends asking me what I’m using because my hair looks so healthy!

The entire line is cruelty free and paraben free [only one or two products aren’t vegan] so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t hurting any animals or pouring chemicals onto your scalp for the sake of great looking hair 😉 Did I mention everything’s made with 95% natural and organic ingredients? YES, please.

The team at Evolvh were generous enough to send me a few of their top products to try/review for you & I seriously love them ALL.

Included in the bundle was their:

Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo

Ultra Shine Moisture Conditioner

Total Control Styling Creme &

Smart Volume Leave in Conditioner


Let’s start with the Shampoo.


For me, it’s kind of annoying when shampoos don’t lather. I want to feel like I’m getting in a good wash with all the soapy feels and this product does just that! It is made to benefit all hair types providing essential aminos and fatty acids for healthier, stronger and hydrated results. I really like that each product is labeled with its intended purpose and this guy is the first step in the process: CLEANSE.

I personally have longer hair and I’ve found that this 8.5 fl oz bottle has been surprisingly lasting. I only use about a quarter size amount in my palm and lather it through my wet hair, leave it on for about a minute and then rinse. The consistency is slightly runnier than your average conventional shampoo and the smell – ohhh the smell. I really can’t even put my finger on the exact scent but try to think sweet clove meets citrus meets marshmallow meets passion-flower. Some have said it’s a bit too strong but I personally really enjoy it. The ingredients are of course completely plant-based and include: wild pansy, clove, sea weed extract, apricot, nectarine and a blend of 20 herbs.  This formula is designed to protect colored hair and provide anti aging qualities leaving my hair feeling and looking so healthy after each use. I really feel like my hair is super clean after only using this product and do not get that stiff drying feeling that I tend to get from most shampoos that leave you needing hydration.

Next we have the Conditioner.


This product is designed to TREAT.  Like the shampoo it is color preserving, anti aging and highly moisturizing. The scent is similar to the shampoo and the consistency is more of a lotion-y feel that is thicker and creamy. No surprise that this formula is also packed with tons of nutrients to help strengthen fragile/brittle hair. Some of the key ingredients include: a phytoblend of 20 concentrated herbs, vitamin C, Sunflower oil, citrus, apricot and sweet clove.

Unlike the shampoo however, this formula does not lather and is immediately absorbed into the hair requiring more product for longer hair like mine. In the same time frame, I’ve used nearly 2 times as much of the conditioner as I have the shampoo but after reading up more about it, it’s for good reason. Unlike most conditioners it isn’t just surface treating the hair but instead individually infusing each fiber with nourishing treatment. Although I find myself with an uneven amount left between the shampoo and conditioner, I can’t really be mad about it considering how much it’s doing for my hair.

Aside from that, the results are incredible! I’m not exaggerating when I say my hair has never felt so soft and healthy from an at home wash before. My hair is noticeably stronger/shinier and smells so good. Another really great thing about the conditioner is that is acts as a natural detangler as well so brushing your hair afterward is a breeze.

To take your hair to the next level the next product you need in your life is their Leave In Conditioner Spray.


If you live an on the go life and need something to help you get out the door quickly – this is it. This spray helps to reduce frizz and THICKEN dull looking hair.

After washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner, I spray this on my roots comb it through my hair evenly and let it air dry. If its night-time and I’m headed to bed, I spray my hair the same way, put it in a braid and let it do its thing. When I wake up in the morning I have a beautiful wave and usually don’t need to style it further.

The spray isn’t sticky at all and a little does go a long way. I have been using this after almost every wash and I still have a generous amount of product left in this 8.5 fl oz bottle.

If you do have time to blow dry/flat-iron/curl your hair then the last item – The Total Control Styling Creme – is for you.


If I know I’ll have time to actually style my hair then I follow-up all the above steps with this product designed for VOLUME. It’s a versatile styling creme that contains natural firm holding agents like flax and cornstarch to give your hair a nice controlled style. Some of the other key ingredients include: Marigold, chamomile, mallow and citrus seed. Like the rest of their line it of course smells great and is super easy to use.

After using the leave in spray, I apply about a nickel size amount of product in my palm and rub my hands together. I start at my roots and use my fingers to comb the creme throughout my hair. Although its described as a creme, I would say the consistency is more of a thin gel minus the stickiness. Once its evenly combed in, I then use a large comb brush and a blow dryer for a quick dry.

Sometimes I pass the flat-iron on small areas and just stop here. My hair is always so FULL of volume after I do this and I love it. Here’s an example of what that looks like:


If I want to fully flat-iron my hair, this helps to give my hair a beautiful shine and healthy look. Here’s a pic of my hair straightened with it:

And here is an example of it curled:


Regardless of what hair type you have, I highly recommend you try this brand out. They offer a variety of kits on their site to suit the needs of everyone and I couldn’t be happier about my results. I even have my husband using this stuff! If you have any questions at all about what products to use, don’t hesitate to reach out to their staff – they are awesome and super helpful. You can also shop my affiliate link with code “CHOOSEEVOLVH” for 15% off here SHOP

Til next time,

~ Chantel


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