DIY Charcuterie Board featuring wholesome NABISCO snacks!

With the new year approaching, I thought it would be fun to share my foolproof step by step tips on assembling your own DIY wholesome Charcuterie Board! The beauty of these boards is that you have complete control over what you include and they make for the perfect way to serve as many or as few people as you’d like. My wholesome version of a Charcuterie Board focuses on including wholesome foods and snacks to satisfy your taste buds and wellness. Whether you’re entertaining a small gathering or looking to amp up date night, these easy tricks will surely help you to impress your loved ones during your next special occasion!

This post is kindly sponsored by NABISCO and their wholesome snacking array featuring GOOD THINS Snacks, WHEAT THINS Snacks, and TRISCUIT Crackers found at Walmart. Strive for a new and improved you this new year with great snacking options and opportunities to save on these products by downloading the Ibotta app! As always all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that I love!

Charcuterie Board Rules

Rule #1 – There are no rules!

Ok, so there may not be any set rules for creating your board BUT there are some foundational things to consider. The three most important things to remember when creating your Charcuterie Board are what I like to call the three P’s: Platters, Products, and Placement.


Your main serving platter or board is the first step in the process. The main platter you choose to present your snacking arrangement can be anything from a cutting board, rimmed baking sheet, serving tray, or even a wooden slab. The size will obviously dictate how many people you can feed so be mindful of this before choosing. For my board, I used a 13-inch wooden circular cake stand.

In addition to your main serving platter, you’ll also need anchors. These are basically smaller bowls, ramekins, or cups that hold some of your smaller snacks. These are a great starting point for your board and help guide the next items you add.


The next important step to consider when creating your board is what products you’ll be putting on it.  My focus, especially in the new year, is to be even more mindful of the things I snack on. Creating a charcuterie board with wholesome snacks is a great way to show how these foods can be tasty and fun for hosting!

Fruits and veggies are fantastic choices as they offer a variety of colors and obvious health benefits. Choosing fruits and vegetables that range in size is also a good idea. The more shapes, sizes, and colors you include the better! The key to a visually stunning spread is variety and balance – both in appearance and flavor.

To offset the sweetness of the fruit, I like to include savory and lightly salty snacks. My favorite products to use for this are NABISCO GOOD THINS SnacksWHEAT THINS Snacks, and TRISCUIT Crackers. All of these products are available at Walmart and I’ll share more about how to save money on them shortly! For now, here are a few facts about the snacks and why I love them.

  • GOOD THINS Snacks are gluten-free certified, non-GMO project verified, and made with flavorful, real ingredients. When purchasing snacks in my home I like to avoid anything with artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup which these do not contain. There are eight delicious, gluten-free options to choose from – one being the Sea Salt made from corn that I’m using today. .
  • WHEAT THINS Snacks are baked with 100% whole grain wheat with 21g of whole grains per serving! These are semi-sweet, semi salty crackers – reminds me of my husband when he’s having a rough day haha! A good ole Charcuterie Board on date night always brings him back to sweet though.
  • TRISCUIT Crackers are non-GMO project verified, baked with 100% whole grain wheat, and start with 3 simple ingredients: just wheat, oil and salt. These are honestly great on their own or with toppings.

The last step now is to place our products on our board or platter. Start by filling your anchors with things like smaller dried fruit or dates.

Next, add your larger fruits and veggies. You want to make sure you don’t place them too close together so that the board feels more balanced and well rounded.

Use your wholesome NABISCO snacks to create movement and dimension by fanning some out and twisting some in a row. Don’t worry about it being perfect, the smaller gaps will get filled in with other fruits anyway.

Cover any remaining exposed parts of the board with a variety of fruit and voila! Your wholesome Charcuterie Board is all done.

Be sure to download the free Ibotta app to save money on the NABISCO products I shared here. The app is as simple as searching for specific items or scanning your in-store receipts to save money on your purchase. Use the link here for more info.

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