BIC® Hybrid® Flex Razors: Affordable + Plastic-Free Packaging

#AD In our home, razors are one of those frequently purchased products that will always be a necessity. The question for us isn’t really “Do we need them?”, it’s more so,”Which are the best to buy“? While I of course use razors myself, the real challenge we were having was finding ones that worked well for my husband. That’s where BIC® Hybrid® razors come in.

While on our perfect razor quest, there were a few things that were a must. We needed something that was not only comfortable for my husband to use, but it also needed to be affordable. In addition to this, sustainability and environmental impact also matters to us as we prefer to support a brand who feels the same. After looking into a few options, theBIC® Hybrid® razors were a win-win and hit all the marks! Here’s how:

BIC® Hybrid® Razor Performance 

Being that my husband mainly uses razors on his beard and neck, he wanted something that was flexible and easy to control. The best options for blades that adjust to the contours of the skin are BIC® HYBRID® FLEX3 TITANIUM™, BIC® HYBRID® FLEX4 TITANIUM™ & BIC®HYBRID® FLEX5 TITANIUM™ razors. Each of these bring a unique differentiating element to the razor and have been a game changer for him. My husband loves the clean lines he’s able to achieve with all three of these razors and most importantly how smooth they are to use. Here are a few details about each.

BIC® HYBRID® FLEX3 TITANIUM™ Razor – This razor comes with 1 handle and 5 disposable cartridges. The handle is now made with 90% recycled plastic and comes in an ergonomic shape that allows for enhanced shave control which is great. The razor cartridges each contain a lubricating strip for an enhanced glide and come in a convenient protective case to travel with easily. As the name suggests, the razors on the BIC® HYBRID® FLEX3 TITANIUM™ comes with 3 flexible blades.

BIC® HYBRID® FLEX4 TITANIUM™ Razor – This razor was designed for those with sensitive skin. The BIC® HYBRID® FLEX4 TITANIUM™ comes with 4 flexible blades allowing for a smooth, close shave. To help those who are prone to irritation, each of the replaceable razor heads contains a lubricating strip enhanced with Aloe and Vitamin E. The handle on this design has rubber for an easy grip and features a circular finger grip at the top to remove and release the razor head. 

BIC®HYBRID® FLEX5 TITANIUM™ Razor – Unlike the 3 and 4, the BIC®HYBRID® FLEX5 TITANIUM™ is designed with a 5 blade razor head plus a precision edging blade. The razor handle has a comfortable grip with a metal ball finger grip and release to attach and detach the razor. The BIC®HYBRID® FLEX5 TITANIUM™ comes with three razor cartridges. 


While the performance and affordability of BIC’s® razors led my husband to initially try them out, it’s their commitment to the planet that made us life long supporters. For my family and I, it’s super important to us that we support brands who’s values align with our own. The ongoing eco-friendly initiative by BIC® truly distinguish them from the rest and is especially important to highlight with Earth Day quickly approaching. Below are a few of the sustainable practices that are currently being implemented. 

Environmental Missions

The three main tiers BIC® currently focuses on for environmental impact are their factories, transportation and packaging. See for details.

Societal Programs

In addition to their environmental efforts, BIC® also gives back via educational resources, community programs and their very own corporate foundation. Their financial contributions to education access reached 107 in 2018 along with 244 initiated philanthropic programs. The BIC® Corporate Foundation was also created to support social entrepreneurship along with access and innovation in education.

Writing The Future, Together

“Writing The Future, Together” is the BIC® sustainable developments program based on five sustainability commitment pillars: Fostering sustainable innovation in BIC® products, Acting against climate change, Commitment to a safe work environment, Proactively involving suppliers and Improving lives through education. 

Rebates sweepstakes

With performance and sustainability checked off the list, the only thing left to chat about is savings! Our favorite place to shop for BIC® Hybrid® razors is Walgreens since it is convenient and our store is always stocked. Online purchasing is of course another great option for easy, quick shopping.

In addition to BIC® razors being affordable, they also offer a $5 rebate opportunity for eligible razors AND an entry for a chance to win a $500 gift card! To redeem your rebate, it’s as simple as uploading a receipt with a qualifying product of $5.00 or more and (after coupons and before tax) and you’ll be entered for a chance to win with each approved rebate*. To get started, click the linkHERE! *No Purchase Necessary for sweeps. 50 U.S./D.C., 18+/age of maj. Buy participating BIC Razor, get up to $5 back. Terms/Rules/Prize:

As you can probably tell, we’re pretty passionate about BIC® in this family! If you’re on the hunt for razors that truly work, allow you to save (so you can spend more on the things you love) and support a great cause – definitely check out BIC® Hybrid® razors

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*this blog post was kindly sponsored. all opinions and reviews are honest and my own.

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