Tiny Getaway Cabin in Georgia

We all need a Getaway from time to time! No, but really, this might not be the Getaway you’re thinking of but trust me, it’s epic.

Getaway is a company that offers tiny cabin nature escapes around the States and it’s truly a one of a kind experience. They currently offer 11 locations (or “outposts”) to choose from and each is guaranteed to bring you tranquil, scenic views. In fact, Getaway is most known for its large signature glass window that immerses you right into the heart of nature.

Last week my family and I were kindly hosted by our friends at Getaway and I’m here to share all the details of our trip into the Chatahoochee National Forest in Suches, Georgia.

How it works

The first step is to choose where you’d like to escape from. Being that we live in Florida, we opted for the Georgia location but you can view the full list of outposts HERE. Once you choose your destination, the next step is to choose either a 1 or 2 queen size bed cabin. Be mindful that each cabin is the same in size regardless of which you choose, but the clever design element slightly changes. The two bed cabins offer a queen size bunk bed with a loft style feel and perfect space for four. Once you exceed the four person group size, you would need to book a second cabin. Pets are also allowed for an additional $40 fee.

Once you book your stay, you’ll receive a confirmation for your booking with all the later details provided closer to your trip. On the day you’re set to check in, the Getaway team conveniently texts you your unique keypad code, cabin name and a downloadable map of the site in case you lose cellphone service before reaching the cabin. Check in time is 3pm and checkout is 11am.

What’s included

Considering the tiny nature of the cabin, they surprisingly pack a lot inside! Each cabin contains a small kitchen equipped with two burners, utensils, pans/plates, a sink and a small hotel sized fridge. There’s also an AC/HEAT unit, table, chairs, storage, a full size toilet, shower and of course your bed(s). Outside of the cabin, you’ll also find a private picnic table, fire pit, chairs, a small trash bin and firewood for sale.

Aside from all the above, I was especially impressed with the eco conscious soap, shampoo, shower gel and organic tampons they provided!

Check out our full video tour here:

Our experience

This experience was honestly so incredible. As a creator and artist, it was everything I needed to recharge and gain back inspiration after a really rough year. The minimalistic cabins have a way of reminding you of how little we really need to survive. I came back home after our trip with a new found appreciation and perspective on all the materialistic things I acquired over the years. Despite there being 4 of us in a tiny space, it felt comfortable and like home.

For anyone considering staying in a Getaway cabin, I say do it. This experience is worth getting out of your comfort zone for. Being in a small space forces you to also spend more time outside in nature which we all can benefit from. Regardless of which outpost you choose, they’re all nestled deep in nature so theres always surrounding things to do like hiking and even nearby waterfalls! Thanks to a local, we also found a really neat swinging bridge with beautiful views too.

Overall, we loved our stay and are looking forward to doing it again soon. If you’re interested in booking a tiny cabin with Getaway, use my code: CHOOSELOVEART for $25 off your reservation 🙂

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