Green Tidings review: natural skincare + a deodorant that really works

Let’s be honest, in the natural beauty and health world the reality is some products are a bit too natural [i.e don’t work haha!] so it’s always a sweet victory when I come across brands that not only contain super clean ingredients, but actually perform too! I’m super excited to share with you all a brand that has not only passed my Florida heat deodorant test, but has also brought some serious moisture to my crazy dry hands.

The name of the company is Green Tidings and it is founded on a true passion for healthy living and sustainability. The founder Jennifer Benford was determined to create safer products after sadly losing her sister to cancer at an early age. Her heartbreaking loss has inspired a commitment to a life filled with research along with the creation of products her customers can truly trust.

Green Tidings kindly sent me a package of three of their most popular items which included their Lavender Deodorant, Rescue Balm and Whipped Mango Body Butter. All three are 100% vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and organic.

Let’s start with the Deodorant.

Before sharing my review it’s necessary to understand why using natural deodorant is important. A lot of us are completely unaware of the serious health risks associated with conventional brands and although I’ve talked about this before it doesn’t hurt to cover it again. Here are a few common ingredients found in traditional deodorants that you WON’T find in Green Tidings.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum build up has been linked to Alzheimers disease, hormone disruption, cancer and toxin build up in the body.

2. Triclosan

A classified pesticide by the FDA that kills bacteria. It is also a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) when it comes in contact with water.

3. Parabens

A common preservative that acts as estrogen in the body thus disrupting hormones. It has also been linked to breast and prostate cancer.

4. Artificial colors/fragrance

Artificial dyes (yup, still a possible ingredient even if your deo is “white”) has been shown to act as a carcinogen in the body when absorbed in large quantities. As for artificial fragrances, the term has become an umbrella for a whole slew of toxic ingredients ranging from benzene to petroleum.

Now that you have an idea of what NOT to use, let’s look at the ingredient list of Green Tidings Deo:

Don’t let the short list fool you folks, this stuff WORKS. Like, really works. And did you catch the magnesium oil in it?! Most people are actually deficient in magnesium so its great that they include this in their formula. Oh, and did I mention they make their deodorants in a solar powered facility and provide employment to those with disabilities? I mean COME ON.

The deodorant comes in a nice stick form with a twist end for easy use. The scent of lavender is perfect – not too strong, not too soft and the consistency is like that of a normal deodorant. They also have an unscented one of smells aren’t your thing. I’ve tested this bad boy out on super hot days and it passed the test! In fact, I’ve only ever found two nontoxic brands that really work for me and this is one of them.

I did find that a little goes a long way. If you put too much on it does tends to clump up under your pits so it’s best to only do one glide. Trust me it’s all you need anyway which will make this one stick last a LONG time.

Next up we have their Rescue Balm and rescuing is what it certainly did.

Beginning in the end of October we get dry cooler nights (mid 60’s) which for us Floridians is cold haha. My hands always dry up badly during this time and I found my self reaching for this balm to help. My knuckles get especially dry causing them to even crack. I’ve found using this balm has helped keep them nicely moisturized and has brought them back to life. It has no scent and is so clean it can even be used for baby’s bottoms. The consistency is like a soft cream that melts right into the skin like an oil.

The last product is their Whipped Mango Body Butter.

This has a very subtle mango scent and is gentle enough to use on almost any part of the body. I’ve been loving it for my cuticles and the heels of my feet. It’s more “fluffy” and creamy in comparison to the balm but similarly melts into the skin like a serum or butter. If you have tattoos this also works great at reviving them and keeping them moisturized. This is a great option if you’re looking for a cleaner replacement for a body butter that has absolutely no unnecessary fillers/ingredients in it!

After using these products for over a week I can honestly say I’m really impressed with this brand. I hope you guys found this review helpful and decide to give Green Tidings a try!

You can also use my code: “chooselovegreen18” for 10% off any single product order on their site!

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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