Tanorici Organic Facial Oil |Review & Discount!|

Since entering my mid twenties it became imperative for me to step my skin care game up. It was like I woke up one day and all of a sudden found myself asking where these puffy circles and fine lines came from?! Becoming a mom definitely didn’t help the cause either 😳 Thankfully however, a company called Tanorící that naturally helps with the inevitable effects of aging generously sent me their oil to try and review.


About the Company:

Tanorící was formulated (and named) after an unsaturated fatty acid called “Ricinoleic Acid” derived from 100% Organic Castor Seed Oil. The acid naturally targets receptors in the skin responsible for causing damage and inflammation. After extensive research from various accredited medical journals, the Tanorící team found that this combined with 100% Organic Avocado Oil was their winning formula.

The Castor oil targets the inflammation while the Avocado provides lost nourishment with essential vitamins and minerals. To learn more about the in detail process of their formula click here -> How it works



I’ve been using 3 drops of this oil at night for about a week now after I cleanse and tone my face. I drop the oil on my palm, rub my hands together and gently massage/press it into my face allowing it to really absorb into my skin. I can definitely feel the difference when using this product as it very hydrating and leaves my face feeling super soft the next morning. In addition to it feeling softer, I find my skin looking brighter and more vibrant too.


The consistency of the oil itself is extremely thick and can be a bit messy if you drop the oil anywhere so be careful. I like that it doesn’t have that sticky feeling like some oils have but is instead smooth to apply. The bottle comes with a small dropper for a lid and a little bit goes a long way. The three drops is plenty to cover not only my face but my neck and decollete as well. The oil is unscented so it’s perfect for anyone who is sensitive to fragrances/smell.

As far as ingredients go, it really doesn’t get much cleaner than two simple organic oils. I am always in love with companies that manage to provide high quality while using the absolute bare minimum.  Because of this I also think this oil could really work for all skin types. Dryer skin would benefit from the moisturizing properties of the avocado, while sensitive/combination skin (like mine) is soothed by the nonabrasive unscented ingredients.

If you’re in the market for a new facial oil I would highly recommend you keep it simple and give this a try. Now a days we get lost in complex formulas and ingredients but sometimes it’s best to stay basic and let nature fulfill it’s intended mission.


The team at Tanorící were extremely generous to grant my readers with a whopping 30% OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING in the U.S! That brings this oil down to only $21 which is seriously one of the cheapest organic oils you’ll come across in the green beauty market.

Shop by clcking the link here -> Tanorici Oil

& use code “tanorici30” at checkout for your 30% discount 😊

Let me know if you decide to give this oil a try and how it works for you 💗

Til next time,

~ Chantel


** I was given this product for nothing more than my honest review.


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