Pacifica Haul: Vegan Cruelty Free Makeup

I recently won an amazing giveaway by the all Vegan & Cruelty Free beauty line Pacifica and let me tell you – we have some BOMB products on our hands here. Not only are they great quality but they’re superrrr affordable too!

The giveaway bundle was marketed as a “Festival Survival” theme and included:

• 3 of their new “Rainbow Crystals”  Liquid Mineral Strobe Highlighters

• An Aquarian Gaze Masacra

• The Crystal Matrix Eye shadow Palette &

• A pack of Pineapple Underarm Wipes


Let’s start with the:



I literally can’t love these things enough! They come in four different colors but I was only given the “Crystal Moon” , “Unicorn” and “Nebula” shades. Before I get into the swatches of each, I HAVE to let you know how incredible these smell! It’s like a little tube of coconut tropical YES. The consistency is very creamy and is super build-able. If you prefer a little more sheer and subtle highlight you can definitely get that or you can go for the full on bling.

The scent is the same for all three and the consistency is also the same for each. They come in a slender tube with an application wand and a little goes a long way. I’ve worn all three shades separately and each time they’ve lasted me for hours. I find its best to apply your foundation / concealer , then apply the highlight with the wand and use your finger to blend. I then set it lightly with my W3ll People Realist Setting Powder ($21.99).

Here are swatches of each and pictures of me wearing each 😊

imageThis second picture is darker (and lower quality sorry) but I want to show you just how much you can build these up. They all have a really cool holographic look.


Crystal Moon is a silver tone, Unicorn is pinkish with gold tones and Nebula is a purplish blue with pink undertones. Here are pictures of me wearing Crystal Moon:



& Nebula:


-Aquarian Gaze Mascara-




I’ve actually been using this mascara for a while before I won this one and really like it. I even introduced it to my mom and she’s hooked on it! 😁 It’s a dark black and is waterproof which I love. I personally don’t have the longest of lashes but this helps give me a little length when applied in two coats. With ingredients like kelp and coconut, you can’t go wrong.

-Crystal Matrix Eye Shadow Palette-



I have another Pacifica palette so I already knew the quality of their shadows would be great. I am typically drawn to neutrals and earth tones for my eyes so this was great for me to explore some colors I wouldn’t usually grab for on my own. I’m wearing the burnt orange and gold shadows in the picture with the “Unicorn” highlighter above and below is another example of me in the burgundy and sand colors. I’ve also tested these for all day wear and they last great.


-Pineapple Underarm Wipes-


As soon as I opened these it made my entire room smell like pineapple! And not the super strong “fragrance that gives you a headache and is obviously synthetic smell” either. You get 30 wipes in a pack and its the perfect size for on the go adventures or after yoga practice. If you want to get super compact though thy even sell them in travel sizes for $5! Like the highlighters, it smells like a combination of coconut and pineapple leaving your pits smelling tropical fresh.

Overall I would honestly recommend all of these products. I know Pacifica is sold at Target & Ulta but if you can’t find them at your local stores click the links below for their online store links. Also, I want to be clear that I was only gifted these products with nothing asked in return and provided my honest review on my own 🙂


Product Links:

Highlighters $13

Mascara $14

Crystal Matrix Eye Palette  $14

Under Arm Wipes $9


I hope you found this review to be helpful!

Til next time,

~ Chantel


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  1. Wow these products sound great and all the highlighter shades look gorgeous on you! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 Hope you can try some out!

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