Kali Boxes: organic tampon/pad subscription box |discount inside!|

Ladies, this is revolutionary.

Imagine living in a world where your monthly organic tampons/pads are delivered right to your doorstep on the 1st of the month – completely customized to your flow.

Well, you DO live in that world thanks to Kali Boxes!


Kali is an eco conscious monthly subscription box that offers women customizable products to suite their menstrual needs.

Before getting into the awesome box options they offer, I want to point out that ALL of their products are organic and chemical free.

Here’s why that’s important:

Carcinogens: Roughly 85% of conventional cotton tampons/pads have tested positive for containing traces of herbicides/pesticides. This happens when the cotton/rayon used to make the products is sprayed in the fields. The most common (among many) is known as Glyphosate and is directly linked to causing cancer and disrupting our endocrine system. When we’re not using organic, we are literally shoving pesticides into ourselves…gross.

Bleaching/dyes: Most tampons/pads are bleached with a chemical known as chlorine dioxide. The byproduct of this chemical creates a toxic group of more chemicals known as Dioxins. Dioxins are linked to causing reproductive and developmental issues along with cancer…. No thanks.

FDA regulations: The problem is there AREN’T ANY! Tampon/pad companies legally do not have to disclose what chemicals are in their products because they are considered “medical devices”. Thankfully, research has proven that there are high levels of toxic ingredients in our feminine products but who knows what else could be in there that we haven’t seen yet!

This ladies, is why Kali Boxes are especially great. The company is transparent with what is going into our bodies and they are proud to offer women safe products they can trust.

Now before some of you suggest it, I do realize there are options like the diva cup out there but for those of us who aren’t quite ready for that this is the perfect alternative 😊

So how does it work?


Step 1. Select your frequency: monthly or bimonthly.

Step 2. Choose your period box: tampons only or luxury box (pads are offered as well).

Step 3. Choose your absorbency: regular, super or half & half.

I was generously gifted the luxury box option by Kali to review and it includes:

14 tampons (or 16 pads if you prefer). For the tampons, you can choose the absorbency level but I personally got a mixture of 7 regular & 7 super.

| reg. 6-9g | super 9-12g|



10 organic cotton panty liners


• 10 organic cotton wipes



1 surprise pampering item that changes monthly. I have also confirmed with a Kali rep that the item will ALWAYS be plant based and cruelty free 🐰! This time it was a rosewater spray and toner for the face and body.


• My thoughts?

I LOVED this box! First of all, the packaging is beautiful and I’m a real  sucker for well thought out presentation. The box is broken down into little compartments that stores all the products neatly and includes a card about the powerful woman behind the company named Sara. It shares her story on the back as well as the featured surprise item. On the front is an inspiring quote that reads:


The tampons are very comfortable to wear and I especially like that the applicator isn’t plastic making it easy to breakdown for the environment! ✊🏼🌿.

The panty liners have your typical peel off back with two strips of adhesive that stick perfectly to your underwear. I like that they stay put when wearing them unlike some that tend to shift or bend a bit. The wipes work well and the smell is really nice but the fragrance is a bit strong if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

The rosewater toner is lovely and smells like roses (obviously) but isn’t overpowering at all! It’s a light fresh spray that is perfect for an afternoon ‘pick me up’ or follow up to your morning cleasenser. It also contains a blend of healing properties that aid with redness and irritated skin.

As for the prices, they are superrr fair for all that you get! The highest monthly subscription offered (the luxury box) which includes everything I listed above is only $19.95+shipping/handling a month! The lower option would be the ‘tampon only box’ which is offered bimonthly for only $15 breaking down to only $7.50 a month.

Um, YES. 👏🏼

Overall I would DEFINITELY recommend you try this box out. It’s convienant, affordable and most importantly SAFE.

Best part? My friends at Kali have been so kind as to offer my readers a discount to save you some $$$ on your subscription!

Click here > Kali Box Options to choose the Kali box that works best for you and use code “CHOOSELOVEART” at checkout to save $5! This pretty much covers your shipping cost 😉

Let me know which box you choose and remember your health is worth it 💗

Til next time,

~ Chantel

** all photos and opinions are my own. I received this product for nothing more than my honest review.

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