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It’s always a glorious day when a legit organic company comes along and creates a delicious treat that vegans (and non vegans a like) can truly appreciate. Nelly’s Organics Bars come in a variety of decadent flavors that seriously give the not so healthy classics like snickers and almond joy a run for their GMO money.

Aside from sharing all the deets on the their yummy flavors, I’m especially stoked to say Nelly’s and I have collaborated to gift one lucky winner their very own variety box to enjoy! More about how to enter in a bit, but first, a little about this amazing company.

About Nelly:


I don’t know about you, but for me understanding a company’s core values is ESSENTIAL to determining whether or not I will support them. I could care less how fabulous a product is, if their foundation is off, I’m out.

Nelly’s however, has beyond won me over.

Carla, Nelly’s daughter, is the founder behind this inspiring company. After her mother passed away from breast cancer, Carla developed a new found passion for healthy living. She concluded after much research, that diet had a direct correlation to health and birthed the idea to create quality treats she could stand by.

Nelly’s is dedicated to the life of her mother, with the mission to provide others a opportunity to indulge in flavorful foods without risk.



Ohhhhhhhh sweet chocolate heavens above. ALL OF THEM ARE FANTASTIC. Although they each contain slightly different ingredients, all are certified organic, non gmo, raw vegan & soy free. All ingredients used in these bars are REAL wholesome foods/flavoring that can actually be pronounced and recognized. What a concept right?

In comparison to other conventional treats sold in stores the sugar content in these is pretty low! It’s also important to note there is also actual nutritional value offered in these like protein and iron. The full ingredient list for each bar is linked below the flavor description if you’d care to check it out. Also, because these do not contain any nasty preservatives they must be refrigerated after purchase 😊

I was gifted a variety box for my honest review that contained 9 bars of the following flavors:


(1)German Chocolate: A rich chocolate flavor with tiny coconut flakes and a chewy middle layer.  I couldn’t snag my own picture of it in time because my husband ate it all too fast. Obviously this flavor isn’t good. (sarcasm)

German Choco Full Ingredient List



(2)Nutty Nougat: Possibly my favorite! Reminds me of a legit version of a snickers bar. Chocolate x nougat x peanuts = YES, just YES.

Nutty Noug Full Ingredient List 


(2)Peanut Butter & Coconut: Looking to replace an unhealthy Reeses addiction? Here’s your saving grace. An Ooey gooey peanut buttery (not overwhelming) taste with light coconut flakes. If you’re into PB like me, you’ll loveee this one.

PB & Coco Full Ingredient List


(2)Coconut: Rejoice fellow coconut lovers! This one reminds me of an almond joy without the large almonds on top. Perfect coconut to chocolate ratio. Mmmmm

Coco Full Ingredient List 


(1)Double Chocolate: A freakin’ chocoholic’s healthy dream. Of all the bars this one has the smoothest consistency. It’s like Dates and Chocolate had a perfect little baby.

Double Choc Full Ingredient List


and last but certainly not least,

(1)Mint Chocolate: Two words – THIN MINTS. It’s basically a chemical free Girl Scout cookie you don’t have to feel guilty about with more of a crunch. Yesssss.

Mint Choc Full Ingredient List 

There you have it, 6 amazing flavors for all taste bud preferences! A special thanks to this awesome company for allowing me to try your lovely products 😋

Click here -> Nelly’s Organics to shop your own Nelly Bars and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Want a chance to win a Nelly’s variety box of your own? (U.S residents only)

Here are your two ways to enter:

1. Click the link to my Instagram here: Choose love instagram

and follow the simple steps on my Nelly’s Giveaway post to enter!

Don’t have Instagram? No worries!

1. Follow my blog

2. Follow Nelly’s blog:  Nelly’s Blog

3. Comment done on this blog post along with your email & flavor you’re most excited to try! 😊

Giveaway will run for one week. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via Instagram DM or email on 5/9.

As always thanks for checking out my blog and Goodluck!

~ Chantel

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