Going Green with City Furniture: a new sustainable furniture collection

What if sustainable furniture options for your home existed? I’m talking ones that are not only stylish, but also affordable AND support the environment. Sounds like a no brainer right? Well good news – it does!

I’m beyond excited to share that I’ve partnered up with Florida based retailer City Furniture, to share all the ways they are implementing green initiatives! From their showroom, to recycling, to a newly launched sustainable collection – City Furniture is doing some really amazing things. For me, it’s so important to support companies like City that are taking the reigns and leading by example.

Here’s how they’re doing it.

Woman in front of bed at City Furniture showroom.

Environmental Efforts

City Furniture has some great things planned for the future but that’s not stopping them from taking action now. City is currently Florida’s greenest furniture retailer with 6 LEED certified showrooms (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for their retail spaces. Their showrooms use up to 25% less energy with their efficient LED lighting and HVAC units but it doesn’t stop there.

City Furniture’s delivery and transportation fleet is also currently the greenest in the industry. 100% of their trucks use compressed, USA produced natural gas that helps reduce emissions by 45%. To put this into perspective, City’s initiative equates to the removal of 182 passenger cars off the road annually. Whoa. They even have a few Tesla semi-trucks pre-ordered!!

As if that’s not enough to make you love them, they’ve actually done more. City has also built their own state of the art recycling facility to recycle almost all waste/products that come through their doors. Their efforts have been estimated to help reduce roughly 6 million pounds of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. They have also received recognition for their efforts by the U.S Department of Energy and the Sustainable Wood Furnishings Council.

2040 Green Promise

Though there is a lot being done presently, the future is looking even brighter. City has committed to a 2040 Green Promise that includes the following by the year 2040:

  • Nearly all showrooms will run on renewable energy.
  • Their entire fleet will run on only compressed natural gas to remain carbon neutral. The fleet will also include electric trucks running on renewable energy with Tesla semi trucks used for warehouse shipments.
  • Operational changes will be implemented that include a switch to electric equipment and solar charging stations.
  • All acid batteries will be switched to eco-friendly lithium ion instead.
Woman reading about recycled wood furniture options at City Furniture.

Sustainable Seattle Collection

In honor of City’s progressive initiatives, they have also recently launched their first sustainable furniture collection. The line is called the “Seattle Collection” and is made from 100% FSC- certified reclaimed wood. By crafting the pieces from reclaimed timber, it helps to reduce the demand for virgin wood while keeping older pieces out of landfills. Don’t let the idea of older wood fool you though – the collection is absolutely gorgeous.

Sustainable furniture options in City furniture showroom.
Reclaimed wood description for sustainable furniture options.

The collection provides a truly unique opportunity for your home as no two pieces are identical. I love the idea that each piece is a one of a kind piece crafted from nature. The naturally distressed wood makes for a beautiful rustic look with a modern vibe that pairs well with many styles.

In terms of selection, the Seattle Collection contains 33 items that range from nightstands, dining tables, coffee tables and bed platforms (with amazing hidden storage!!). The natural finish of each piece is stunning and I had the hardest time deciding which piece I wanted for my home! The pieces come in your choice of either “Gray” or “Dark Tone” colors with industrial style hardware for finishes. Though they both are beautiful, the gray was definitely my favorite.

Woman opening Eco-friendly, sustainable furniture options at city furniture.
Eco-friendly, sustainable furniture options at city furniture.
eco-friendly, sustainable furniture at city furniture.
eco-friendly, sustainable furniture dresser.

The actual shopping experience itself was also amazing! The closest store to me is the Millennia showroom and the staff made sure to help with any questions I had. They even have their very own cafe inside the showroom where guests are able to purchase food, snacks and drinks to sip on during browsing. Yes, please!

city furniture in store cafe.
drinking tea options at city furniture.

Your purchase plants a tree

Woman reading magazine in City Furniture showroom.

One of my favorite things about City Furniture’s Seattle Collection is their partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation. Arbor Day is the largest non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees worldwide. City has teamed up as an Arbor Day corporate partner to support their mission. For every furniture piece sold from the Seattle Collection, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree! How amazing is that?!

My final selection

After a *really* long time of going back and forth about the piece I wanted, I finally decided on their gorgeous coffee table. I chose the Gray color and fell in love with the rustic, imperfect finish. To see how I styled it in my living room, be sure to follow me on Instagram !

woman opening drawer to sustainable furniture coffee table

If you’re in the market for new sustainable furniture please consider shopping from this incredible collection! City Furniture is going above and beyond to do their part and it’s truly worth supporting. For the complete list of their Florida based locations near you click here

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