Skylar: a new monthly box ft. natural perfume

Once you’ve realized the many chemicals creeping in big name perfumes you move on to natural ones. The only problem? How do we try them out beforehand since most are available online? If only there was an affordable and easy way to sample clean perfumes….

Lucky for us now there is!

Skylar is an online retailer that offers clean, hypoallergenic scents that are free from synthetic dyes, phthalates, harsh sulfates, parabens, fillers and animal derived ingredients. Yup, they’re 100% vegan guys! Their mission is to provide people with clean unquestionable scents that don’t have to make us choose between smelling nice and doing harm to our bodies. They also offer non-gmo coconut + soy candles too. Umm, yes please.

The most recent exciting launch by Skylar though is their Scent Club that truly makes exploring perfumes so easy! Here’s how it works.


Skylar’s scent club is an exclusive monthly subscription service that offers members a new limited edition travel size rollie perfume each month. The scents change from month to month embodying a different mantra to recite and are only offered for a limited time. As if that isn’t cool enough, these scents are completely reserved to us members only – how fun right?!

Upon signing up, each member creates a personalized profile that helps the team understand what your favorite scent profiles are. The club also includes some serious perks like 10% off when shopping any products on their site and first access to new launches!

Skylar also gives its members total control over your box by allowing you to skip months, change shipping frequency, add other products to your box or even return scents if they weren’t a good fit for FREE within 30 days! I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that guys.

Feel free to check our more of the FAQ’s regarding billing, returns, company philosophy and more by clicking here.


This month’s Magic Bloom scent is the first of the scent club series and is themed around Spring aromas. It also has it’s own written mantra: “Nurture Your Inner Magic” accompanied by a lovely story pictured below.

My first impression of the packaging was sheer appreciation for the beautiful detailed design and more importantly the eco-friendly elements!

Each perfume they send comes in a glass bottle housed in a recyclable box. The peanuts used in the box are also 100% biodegradable made up of vegetable glycerin. My son had a blast “melting” these under water with me haha.

This month’s key notes are Magnolia, Pear and Yuzu [Japanese citrus]. Here is a complete list of the ingredients as well:

The roller ball makes it super easy to apply and it’s slender bottle is perfect for throwing in your purse. A little also goes a long way with these bad boys. Though these aren’t full size I really don’t see how anyone could go through them quickly making it a great investment.


Though the perfume does smell lovely it is just a tad too “fruity” smelling for me personally. Perfumes are such a personal thing and this is EXACTLY why I love this concept!! The fact that I’m able to try Skylar’s perfumes in this way and even exchange them for ones that are more my preference is honestly incredible.

Although I do have the option to exchange, I decided to keep it because the scent reminds me so much of my niece, making for a perfect gift! The stunning packaging is so high quality and is just another bonus for this affordable club. You really have nothing to lose by signing up and I’m so exciting to see Skylar offering such a neat and safer option.

Ready to join the club? Click here to sign up and use my code “CHANTELR10” for 10% off any product including the Scent Club membership!

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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