Homemade pistachio maca milk in 30 seconds! ft. Almond Cow machine

If you haven’t tried making your own milk – more specifically in an Almond Cow Machine – you’re seriously missing out! The idea of making milk from scratch sounds long and tedious but this machine makes it possible in just 30 SECONDS. Yes, you read that right my friends.

I was recently offered the awesome opportunity to work with them on an original recipe and created a Pistachio Maca Milk! It turned out realllllly good and for those of you who are unfamiliar with this super food powder it: Naturally increases energy, reduces stress and anxiety, helps regulate healthy blood sugar/blood pressure and improves memory.

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Yields: 4.5 cups


• 1 cup raw unsalted pistachio meats (no shell)
• 6 pitted dates
• 1 tbsp vanilla extract
• 1 tbsp maca powder
• 2 tbsp brown sugar
• 1/4 tbsp pink himalayan salt



Prep: soak pistachios over night or for a minimum of 4 hours.

Step 1: add in soaked pistachios, dates, maca powder and brown sugar to filter basket.



Step 2: fill water to the “min” line in your container.


Step 3: add in vanilla extract and salt to your water.


Step 4: blend ingredients in your machine two times. This will thicken the milk and extract as much as possible from all ingredients.


Step 5: pour and enjoy!

Til next time,

~ Chantel


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