Seed Food & Wine Festival 2019

Are you plant-based, interested in eating less meat/dairy or a person that just likes delicious food? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then Seed Food and Wine Festival is for you.

SFW is a multi-day festival based in Miami, Florida where the best of the best in the plant world come together to feed and educate. The festival is held in a variety of locations with an “A la Cart” style option to reserve tickets to the events that excite you most. Last year was my first time attending (you can read all about that here) and since then a few things have changed and been added! The full list of this year’s events included: Plant-based Pitch Off, Burger Battle, Veg News Seed Summit, Sit Stay Sip, Taco Tailgate, Roots Farm to Table Dinner, Seed Festival Day Tasting Village, Grown Dinner, Rise and Shine Yoga & Meditation and Blissful Brunch.

My hubs and I were kindly invited back to SFW this year to cover the newly added events and welcome back the old fan favorites. Here’s what we attended this year.

Burger Battle

Ahh the infamous Seed Burger Battle. This is NOT for the faint of heart, trust me haha. Burger Battle is designed to showcase 12 of the nation’s top chefs battling it out for the title of the best plant-based burger. A panel of esteemed judges vote on the best-tasting burger while attendees vote for the title of “Fan favorite” with a wooden token. Whichever chef collects the most wins.

Included in your ticket is the opportunity to try all 12 burgers accompanied by unlimited beer, kombucha, desserts and more. Some of the key sponsors of the event included Kevita Kombucha, Daiya and Dandies Vegan Marshmallows.

The burgers themselves are all roughly the size of a hefty slider but don’t let this fool you! They are incredibly filling and I found myself tapping out at 7 burgers while my husband somehow managed to down 10! This event is seriously BEYOND amazing and truly worth every dollar. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself.

Seed Summit

Day two for us began with Seed Summit – a day-long event held at Sacred Space Miami this year. The event showcased a variety of plant-based speakers specializing in an array of topics such as health, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Our tickets included a delicious breakfast sponsored by Follow Your Heart, lunch by Plant (the joint Restaraunt to Sacred Space) and unlimited bubbly by Lacroix and GTS Kombucha.

After breakfast, the day began with a mindful guided meditation to relax and clear our minds. Attendees were then given the option to choose the sessions they wished to attend as they were hosted into two different locations on site. The first was in the main room of Sacred Space and the second in a beautiful glass container room.

Though there were many insightful discussions during the summit my favorite was the panel on Plant-based Nutrition. The speakers included two plant-based doctors Dr. Etti Ben-Zion (SAB) and Dr. Sam Rassoul (Align ChiroCare) along with Integrative Health Coach Rebecca Eisenmann (Verde y Rebelde). In fact, because the doctors were so great I asked if they would partake in my Plant-Based Professionals series and they agreed! Be sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified of their upcoming interviews.

Got to love Seed and the amazing connections you can make.

Taco Tailgate

After the Summit, we freshened up a bit at our Airbnb (click here for $ off your first booking) and prepared for one of the new additions to seed called Taco Tailgate. This event was essentially the same as the Burger Battle minus the voting aspect and instead of burgers it featured you guessed it -TACOS!

The layout and location were the same as Burger Battle but this time it was 10 chefs whipping up some of the best plant-based tacos you ever did taste. Attendees’ tickets included unlimited cocktails, kombucha and delicious treats from two bakery’s, Daiya and Dandies Marshmallows.

The hubs and I were determined to complete the taco mission and I’m proud to say we did! If you’re a taco lover then this event is a must HANDS DOWN.

Festival Day Tasting Village

Perhaps the most popular and highly anticipated event hosted by Seed is their Festival Day Tasting Village. Tasting Village is a massive expo style event with unlimited samples from some of the best plant-based companies, restaurants, and brands out. To give you an idea of what I mean, we’re talking Whole Foods, Go Macro, Good Catch, No Evil Foods, Bolay, GTS Kombucha and more!

This year’s village was held at a larger location than last year and was completely indoors. The Village also had two main stages where food demos and keynote speakers like Dr. Neal Barnard and more spoke.

There was also an adorable children’s area added this year that included an interactive mural and craft station.

There was even an appearance by Lamar Odom!

Tasting Day never disappoints and is definitely something that should be added to your list of events to attend next year.

Blissful Brunch

We ended our final day at the Festival attending the Blissful Brunch hosted at Sacred Space Miami. The Brunch featured delicious foods from a handful of chefs along with unlimited mimosas. kombucha and desserts.

A live band set the good vibes in the outdoor lounge atmosphere. It was a great way to end the four-day event and we were even gifted our very own veggie plants courtesy of Baptist Church.

Another year of Seed Food and Wine in the books and I already am looking forward to next one! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and I hope to see you in Miami to do all again in 2020!

Til next time,

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