Cayó Jutías – A hidden Cuban Gem.

When people search “Beaches in Cuba” , the most popular result you typically find is Varadero Beach located about 2 hours East of Havana. While this beach is undeniably beautiful it is also saturated with hotels, tourists and over priced everything.

If you’re like us and prefer a more secluded experience with nature, I’d highly recommend Cayo Jutías beach as an alternative. Keep in mind it is located on the western part of the Island – about an hour and 20 minutes from Viñales so if your plans are geared more toward the East this probably wouldn’t work.

If you do find yourself in Vinales, then it is very easy to arrange a Collectivo to drive you here. Your Casa host should have no problem organizing this for you and pick up time is typically around 9 am. The round trip will cost you $20 CUC per person and departure time from the beach is usually 5 pm. Your Collectivo will pick you up directly in front of your Casa and drop you off here too.

I have to warn you now though that the road to get there is far from smooth. In fact, its one of the worst roads in all of Cuba filled with rigged concrete and a shit ton of pot holes. The trip would probably be a lot shorter if it wasn’t for this.

When you arrive, you’ll be dropped off in a seemingly crowded area with restaurants and small bars facing the beach. Don’t eat at the larger restaurant, the food isn’t good AT ALL. I don’t recall the name but you can’t miss it. The smaller one with sandwiches near the diving center is your best bet.

Which reminds me – Don’t bother with the snorkeling excursion. I’ll write about that later!

Anyhoo, if you want to get to the secluded part you have to go left. It’s about a 10-12 minute hike through sand and mangroves with the WORST mosquitoes you will ever encounter. Wrap your self well and bring bug spray, TRUST ME.

Depsite all the missions involved to get here, it’s totally worth it.






With the exception of only a few people we had Paradise all to ourselves 🙂

Also, we don’t eat seafood but around this area you should also find a guy selling fresh lobster off the grill for a super low price!

Let me know if you make it to our secret Cuban Gem and never hesitate to drop me a comment with any questions or requests.

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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  1. So glad I found this post I’m traveling to Cuba in August and was just looking for something like this 😉 thanks

    1. You’re so welcome! It’s such a cool place to visit!! I have another post “Everything you need to know when traveling to Cuba” that breaks down Money, housing etc. 🙂 If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask <3

      1. Perfect I will read it, thanks 🙂

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