T e e t h  W h i t e n i n g 

activated charcoal


Activated charcoal is activated carbon absent of oxygen. It is typically produced from coconut shell or bamboo, is completely  tasteless/odorless and contains many  benefits.

In terms of body health, it is great for absorbing toxins from the body by working as a binder or "magnet".  Some take it in the form of capsules to help with upset stomachs, while others use it for oral care & teeth whitening!

Here are a few tips for teeth whitening with activated charcoal!

Brush over your kitchen sink to avoid too much mess! Activated charcoal powder can be extremely messy so it's best to brush over a large sink that is easy to clean. 

Once over the sink, wet your designated charcoal toothbrush under water and dip it lightly into the charcoal powder. Brush as you normally would with toothpaste making sure to keep your mouth tightly closed to avoid mess. 

Once done, rinse and go back in with your normal toothbrush to help remove any excess powder. Use 3x a week to help with stain removal & natural whitening!