an eco way to  wash clothes

Soap berries, also known as “soap nuts” –  are small brown berries that typically grow on trees native to the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. 

The “soap” aspect of the berry comes from its ability to produce a natural foaming surfactant (soap) called Saponin. When the berries are dissolved in water, the natural surfactant has the ability to remove dirt and odor from clothes and surfaces in general.

How to use soap berries for your laundry!

Place 5-6 berries in a small cloth string bag and tie it well. If you don’t, you’ll end up with little berry pieces mixed into your clothes once they begin to soften.

These work best with warm/hot wash settings and are intended for basic removal of everyday dirt and odor. Soap berries will not remove stains and are odorless so it is optional to add in a softner if your prefer.

Once your bag is ready, toss it into your washer with your clothes. The berries will naturally sud up under water and work as a detergent.  You can get about 3-4 heavy loads with one bag.