fruits packed with vitamin c

Vitamin C is definitely something we could all use daily! Here are 5 delicious fruits packed with great amounts of Vitamin C


This is probably the first fruit that comes to mind for Vitamin C and rightfully so. An average medium size orange contains roughly 75mg of Vitamin C! 


Best known for it's semi-sour taste, grapefruits are another great Vitamin C fruit! 1 mediuim size grapefruit contains an average of 40mg of Vitamin C.


Also known as the Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwi's are another fruit perfect for Vitamin C immunity boosts! An average kiwi contains around 70mg.


Similar to the orange, lemons are another citrus fruit high in Vitamin C. An average lemon contains roughly 80mg!


The Acerola cherry is a lesser known fruit but packs nearly double the amount of Vitamin C than that of oranges or lemons! It's estimated that 100g of this fruit's pulp can contain upwards of 700mg of Vitamin C!