5 healthier  versions of  classic junk  foods!

We all grew up eating classic junk foods but it's pretty obvious they aren't the healthiest. Here are 5 better alternatives to some of our childhood favorite treats!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Back To Nature cookies are a great chocolate chip cookie option! They're made with organic ingredients and contain no artifical preservatives, dyes or flavors. 

Classic Potato Chips

Are you a cool ranch Doritos fan? Late July makes the PERFECT healthier option! These non-gmo chips are made from organic corn and are dangerously good.


Saturday morning cereal is a classic go to but there are better choices available now! The Nature's Path Organic brand makes tons of perfect alternatives to all the classics we grew up with.

Ice cream

We have to include ice cream on the list! The So Delicious brand is made from coconuts or cashews and lives up to its name! They offer a ton of flavors and are made with organic ingredients. 

PB Chocolate Candy

Are you chocolate and peanut butter fan? Justin's offers an organic peanut butter cup option that is 10x better than the ones we gre up eating! Give them a shot the next time you're having a craving. 

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