4 creative ways to eat more greens!  

Want to eat more greens BUT you're not exactly a salad person? 

Here are 4 creative ways to incorporate leafy greens into your diet!

If you have trouble eating greens, then try drinking them instead! Add fruits likes apples or citrus to sweeten your green juice and enjoy.

Throwing your greens into a smoothie is another great way to "eat" them! Simply mix them with frozen fruit like bananas or berries and you wont even taste them!

For your next pasta dinner, use greens for a yummy pesto sauce! All you need is olive oil, garlic, greens, preferred seasonings, pine nuts and nutritional yeast. 

Looking for a healthier snack? Dehydrate or bake kale to turn it into chips! Season them to your liking and you've got yourself a delicious green snack.