3 egg replacers for baking

It's no surprise most baking recipes call for eggs - but what if you don't eat eggs or are interested in other options?

There are actually plenty of egg replacer options available that won't compromise your recipe or flavor!

Good news!

Here are 3 great replacements for eggs when baking!


"Flax Eggs" made from flax seed meal and water act as a great binder for baking. To make 1 "egg",  mix 1 tbsp of flax meal with 3 tbsp of water. Let sit until it thickens and use as a normal egg in recipes.


"Chia Eggs" are similar to the flax except they actually appear in your baked goods. Though they are slightly visible, they are indeed flavorless. The ratio is 1 tbsp chia seeds to 3 tbsp water.


This egg replacer is highly unsuspecting. Aquafaba is the liquid from the can of chickpeas which also works as an egg replacer!  3 tbsp's of the liquid acts as 1 egg. 

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