Good Being [march] box review

No need to go into a detailed intro for this awesome monthly box by now! If you’re looking for an easy, cost effective way to try some great clean brands, then Good Being is seriously the way to go!

The March box was slightly different from my previous month boxes in that it contained some fun lifestyle items this time. The great things about this subscription service is that you can totally customize it to your needs, choose if you’d like it to be primarily beauty or lifestyle items and even pick two of your own products each month!

Here’s what my March box included 🙂

Item 1 –  Bella Pierre cosmetics loose mineral blush in the shade “desert rose” (my pick) *full size


This blush is soo pretty! It’s talc free, paraben free, vegan and cruelty free and even contains SPF 15 right in the formula! You’re saying my cheeks can look cute and stay protected in this Florida heat? YES PLEASE. The color is a beautiful peachy, apricot pink with beautiful gold undertones. It applies very smoothly with a large powder brush and has a slight sheen to it. I’m really glad I chose this color!

Item 2 – Art Naturals Black Peel Off Mask (second pick) *full size



Lets be honest here – peel off masks are oddly satisfying amiright?! I’ve only used them a handful of times back in my toxic days so I was excited to see a cleaner option as a product pick for this month’s box! The mask is made of a botanical blend that is designed to remove black heads and dirt from the skin once peeled.

The consistency is a thick black hybrid between a gel and cream and does have a rather strong scent to it. Though fragrance isn’t listed on the bottle, the scent does come off a bit artificial but it isn’t anything that is too overwhelming. I applied the mask all over my face (careful to avoid hair line and eye areas) and let it dry for about 20 minutes or so. Once you get a corner lifted the mask is fairly easy to remove and not painful at all. Like I mentioned above it was pretty satisfying to peel off and did leave my skin feeling smooth. I did notice afterward it said made in China though which always leaves me weary with products – especially skincare 😮.

Item 3 – Plaine Products shampoo *travel size


This little shampoo is made with organic ingredients and came in the scent “Rosemary Mint Vanilla”. I really like how soft and natural it smells and especially love that it comes in a small stainless steel bottle to take initiative against the use of one time plastic! The formula is sulfate free, vegan, color safe and cruelty free. I plan to save this for my next trip to NY soon and will update here with my experience with it.

Item 4 – Bonnie Rejuvenating Facial Serum *deluxe sample size



This serum is described as containing a potent blend of botanical actives designed to tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles. The formula is vegan and smells super similar to the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream that I LOVE. Though it’s labeled as a serum, I would definitely say its closer to a thin facial cream in texture and consistency. I really love the way this feels on the skin and can totally see myself using this frequently. I am bummed that I couldn’t find it on their website to check out the full ingredient list but this could very well be a new product that has yet to launch though.

Item 5&6 – Fred and Far Greeting card and Trillion Pin *full size


These last two items came from the same company and are so adorable! The first item is a super sweet and thoughtful card that expresses your love for someone with a ton of reasons why they’re loved by you! So perfect for a just because reminder or special occasion. It also comes with a small envelope and packaging.

The second was the Fred and Far Trillion pin that symbolizes the power of the divine feminine energy. It’s made to be worn to remind you of your power and strength! LOVEEEE this so much!

This box was so fun this month and I can’t reccomend it enough! If you’re interested in signing up for your own Good Being box, use my link here and receive a special bonus item in your first box! → sign up now!

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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