Good being [January] subscription box review

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’re well aware that I pretty much LOVE my monthly Good Being Box! This box specifically curates nontoxic items [ranging from beauty to lifestyle] right to your door step that are completely customized to your likes, wants and needs. The box always exceeds the value that you pay for it and has yet to disappoint! If you’re just hearing about it for the first time, you can read up on all the their plan details and info here » Good Being plan deets

The January box surprised me with some really great items that I’ll be reviewing here in a second but I should mention quickly if you sign up today you’ll get 20% off your February box! Click here to sign up → Sign me up!


Now for the goodies! The box value this month was roughly $65 which almost triples what you pay! It included 5 items total with 2 being full size and 3 travel. In addition to the actual product themselves Good Being always includes exclusive discounts for each brand too!

Let’s start with my favorite item – a full size Aila nontoxic vegan nail polish in the shade “Mister Pookies”


This polish has quickly become one of the favorite colors I own [a dark brown/grey with purple undertones] and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of it. I purposely didn’t put on a clear coat of polish to see how long it lasted without chipping and it stayed put for a few days! I highly recommend this brand if you’re looking for clean polish!

My second favorite item in the box was an essential oil “All Headache” blend by Elan Veda.


This little guy is designed to naturally combat headaches/migraines by rolling the blend on your temples or back of your neck. The formula includes peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, spruce, ginger, birch and sandalwood. The smell is AMAZING and I honestly catch my self smelling it even when I don’t have a headache. It’s also super perfect for throwing right into your purse or bag for travel! [*vegan].

The third item was a facial cleanser from a brand I’ve been really eager to try called Gaffer & Child.


The ingredients in it are SUPER clean and include organic non gmo extracts from green tea, sunflower, willow bark and peppermint. The formula is a hydrosol blend so it is much more thin and liquidy than your typical cream or gel cleanser. Due to this it barely lathers when wet so I feel like I have to use a lot more than the suggested use but it does leave my fave feeling nice none the less. Can’t beat this ingredients! [*vegan].


The fourth item is a travel size organic deodorant from a brand called Stink Bug Naturals. I actually have tried this brand before and have a full review on my thoughts about them here → Stuck Bug Review As an update to the review I will say the product isn’t as long-lasting if you plan to engage in extreme physical activity like the gym or running but it is definitely a greater option for everyday wear! [*contains beeswax].

The last item in the box was a brightening botanical exfoliater by the company Previse.


The ingredients are completely vegan and include things like crushed walnut, oatmeal and jojoba extract. I will say I’m not a huge fan of the smell despite the description claiming it is unscented. The formula itself feels nice without being too grainy or harsh for the skin though so I’ll get past the smell and probably use it anyway 🙂

If you’re interested in trying out this sweet box for yourself click the link here and take advantage of the sale going on today! Sign me up!

Let me know if you decide to try the box out and as always hit me up with any questions!

Til next time,

~ Chantel

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