Why I finally started a blog.

Well, I did it.

I finally created a one stop shop for all my crazy travel stories, recipes, green beauty brand favorites, art and more! Over the years I’ve received tons of requests from friends/family to start a blog and promised myself this would be the year I finally committed to it. I guess the formal thing to do would be to explain a little about myself and what you can expect to find – so here it goes.

First and foremost I promise I won’t bore you to death with my whole life story or unnecessarily long intros to all my posts. I personally hate blogs that take forever to get to the point – like seriously dude I’m only here for the recipe, get to the good stuff already!

My name is Chantel and I currently reside in Orlando, FL with my hubs and 3 year old son. Well, we’re not technically married but calling him my boyfriend is too weird considering we have a kid and live together….they really need to come up with an in between word haha.

Anywhoo, I’m a freelance artist who does a little bit of everything from paintings, to jewelry to tons of other art related gigs. I also own a color therapy eye wear company called ZEN30 that allows you to choose the way you want to feel through the use of color.

FullSizeRender (10)My son Enso & boo Goose (yup, like the animal).
IMG_0507You can shop my goodies here > ChooseLoveART
full set clear backAnd learn more about our glasses here > ZEN30
My other passions include educating others on the importance of an organic lifestyle from food to beauty care to makeup. I also create bomb plant based recipes from time to time so you can join in on the deliciousness too.
IMG_0381Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Travel is another one of my favorite things to do. I will be sharing my destinations, recommendations, tips and plant based places to eat around the world. I also find joy in the people I meet along the way and plan to create a series called “Travel Tales” that will feature their photo and lesson they’ve taught me.

FullSizeRender (11)A photo from my most recent trip to Cuba.

I am really excited to embark on this new journey and appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Never hesitate to drop a comment or message and I look forward to sharing my passions with you all!

Many Blessings, Love & Light.

– Chantel

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